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Dec 23, 2005 10:44 AM

Need help asap! Caribou or other restaurant near 12th&Walnut?

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I am going to buy a gift certificate for dinner for my aunt and uncle (by tomorrow), who live pretty far out of Center City but are coming in to go to the Forrest Theater to see Les Miserables. I am buying one for $50, which definitely need not cover the entire meal, but I am thinking of a place that they could get out of for $100 or less (a BYO would help). Anyway, Caribou is so close by that I thought of that and the price point is right, but I have never been there and there were no recent posts about it. Is it good? If not, can you recommend another place that would be better? The only restriction is no spicy food, so Lolita is out.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Just ate at Caribou last week. Really good bistro food. Great choice for someone going to the Forrest. They make the best steak tartar, and have an inexpensive wine list. You can't go wrong!

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      Caribou is not a BYO but still a great place for a meal, neat atmosphere and great service. I understand that they will be seeing a show and therefore won't be staying terrible long to dine, but just to note that when I was there the service was really great - staff just attentive enough without rushing us out the door - we had our table the entire night, and that was also for the restaurant week special.

    2. I love Valanni- I think it is only 3 blcoks away.

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        Matthew Kantor

        You also have Valanni and Mercato there, both very good. You have Pompeii, I cant speak for that place...I thought Caribou was good...service was fairly awful but food was decent. Id go for Mecato first, if you can squeeze into a table there. Not too busy during the week. They turn tables fast, so if you need to be someplace, you will get there. Not that its necessarily a good thing...

        1. Caribou has excellent food. The service can be a little slow so you have to tell them that you are going to a show. If it is 7:30 show get there around 5:15 and you will have plenty of time. We are real foodies and their food is great! Enjoy the theater! And watch the movie Les Miserables. Simply the best!

          1. i hate caribou... i think it's terrible. how about strangelove's?

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                lol... i just saw it on the front page and figured i'd pitch in. didn't even look!

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                  I just noticed the Dec 23rd date before I saw the 2005! time is flying, but we aren't there yet!

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                    And the resurrection of the post was from a "regular" poster, right?