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my Philly food itinerary - opinions?

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this is my first time going to philly (celebrating my 1 year anniversary with the boyfriend, it's his birthplace) . we're coming in from nyc, we're quite excited! we are staying at the sofitel, and here's where we hope to eat. please let me know if you have any additional suggestions! thanks!

fri dinner: matyson (spelling)
sat breakfast: reading terminal market
sat lunch: jim's cheesesteaks
sat dinner: morimoto (figure we should go just to go)
sun breakfast: la collette (since it's in the hotel)
sun lunch: one last stop at jim's (this is the bf's favorite place)

thanks! was thinking of going to some coffeeshops, maybe pete's diner, and miel patisserie somewhere in b/t all that?

any late night dessert places you'd recommend?

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  1. Late night dessert place (until 10? 11? midnight? I don't know their winter hours): Capogiro gelato!

    Their new location is at 20th & Sansom street (only 3 blocks from the Sofitel). Their 1st location is at 13th & Samson, on the walk back from your Morimoto dinner, be sure to see the City Hall all lit up.


    Link: http://www.capogirogelato.com/

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      I second Capogiro. I'm from NYC, too - Capogiro is unequalled in the greater NY area.

    2. I like Dessert in Queen Village.

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        I liked it well enough until I found a hair in my dessert that didn't belong to me. Even without that, what I had was nothing to write home about.

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          Dessert is dull, I tried to support it as much as possible, as it was my local, but eventually gave up on Mothers Day when they were trying to shsshh my 3 yr old child, who was paying her fair way to support their ok Mothers day effort. If you want a good dessert place take a $29 flight to Providence, RHode Island and go to Pastiche (just off the Square) on Federal Hill.

      2. I'd replace La Collete breakfast with brunch at Lacroix. It's quite awesome.

        1. For Saturday breakfast, you may want to say "the Dutch Eating Place at Reading Terminal Market" (very, very good) as opposed to "the Down Home Diner" (very, very bad!).

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            The Dutch Place has the best creamed chipped beef that I've ever had in my life.

          2. I like the chocolate dessert buffet at the 4 Seasons.

            1. you definitely need to try "naked chocolate cafe" on walnut and 13th. amazing pastries and great coco.

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                I don't know about their pastries, but their 'drinking chocolate' is nothing you can't make at home with some whole milk and a nice piece of dark chocolate.

              2. there are some really great breakfast places in philly that you should check out. sabrina's (9th and christian) and morning glory (10th and fitzwater) are both in the italian market area, and are both wonderful (but be prepared for a little bit of a wait on a weekend morning - although if you get up early, you probably won't need to worry about it.) ants pants at 22nd and south is another favorite, although the menu isn't quite as extensive as the other two. while reading terminal is a really fun place to visit, i dunno if i'd recommend wasting a meal on it. eating there is kind of an ordeal, as it's SO packed. instead, i would recommend doing breakfast at one of the abovementioned places, and visit reading terminal for a snack and shopping trip later in the day.

                coffeeshops: bonte has pretty solid coffee, and makes DELICIOUS belgian sugar waffles (nothing like the giant breakfast concoctions that we call belgian waffles) studded with rock sugar and your filling(s) of choice. walnut bridge at 23rd and walnut is another favorite - best coffee in town (and i mean that), great selection of pastries and chocolates, nicest owners in the world.

                have fun!

                1. Looks like you have some good spots down. I would only recommend to replace the Sofitel hotel breakfast with another one of the above mentioned. Lacroix being first pick because of convenience and it's also very good. Sabrina's will have you waiting for awhile unless you get there at opening but it's well worth it if you're up to the wait. And you should definitely head over to Capogiro for some gelato at some point. Enjoy.

                  1. It's a shame you cannot fit in Vetri for dinner- it is quite amazing! I agree, brunch at Lacroix is unbelievable. I also like Sunday brunch/breakfast at Marathon on the Square- yummy! La Colombe is my favorite coffee shop.

                    I think the Ritz does a chocolate buffet on Saturday nights!

                    I love to go to the bar at Rouge right on Ritt Square- great martinis and people watching.

                    1. FYI. The original post here is 1 year old. The writer and boyfriend are now celebrating their 2 year anniversary!!

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                        Hah! Well, I hope they had a nice meal or two when they were here.