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Nov 29, 2005 03:05 PM

what's up with Dahlak in Germantown?

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Ok, it seems to be closed all the time, I admit I haven't had time to stop and read the sign in the window- anybody got inside info?

#2 Has anyone eaten at Geechee Girl? Is it pricey/worth it?

#3 Hamlet Bistro in Mt. Airy, any good?

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  1. Geechee Girl is good--good food, fair prices, and a very pleasant place.

    Hamlet Bistro we tried twice and then we gave up. The food isn't that good, and the prices aren't cheap. (But since the food isn't that good, the price hardly matters.)

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      The owner of Dahlak--Solomon Amare--died of a heart attack a month ago or so. His brother took over the restaurant on Baltimore Ave in West Philly, and it was only closed for about 3 days. I don't know, though, what the deal is for the one in Germantown.

    2. BUMP...
      I recently read a couple of things about the Germantown location of Dahlak having been purchased by the owners of Desi Village in KOP(even though I read about it recently, it appears to have happened last year). Does anyone know anything about this? Has anyone been to Dahlak since this purchase? If so, has the menu changed? Overall impressions?

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        I didn't hink desi village had bought the location but just had half the menu. Still had dalak menu as well as full indian. Some of the best indian food i've had in the phila area. reasonable. hope it reopens.

      2. I would like to second the recommendation of Geechee Girl. The food is fresh and tasty, and I always feel like I've had a heathful meal. The only downside is that service, while friendly, tends to be slow. When you go, be prepared for a pleasant, leisurely meal. If you're looking for other options in the 'hood, I've heard good things about Baccio on W. Mt. Pleasant Ave (across from the defunct Angie Brown's).

        1. It has reopenned. Both menu are still available. The indian food is quite good. Friendly.