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Jan 23, 2002 12:57 PM

dine about town extended

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The Dine About Town promotion has been extended at most of the restaurants on teh list through Feb. 10th. So eat cheaply and prosper! Other news--Gary Danko will be closed most of Feb for kitchen revamp; Campton Place is getting a face-lift and so will be closed Feb, March, most of April; Kuleto's is closed through mid-March. And you know what that means? More meals at Rosamunde!

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  1. do you know at which restaurants has the promotion been extended? the dine about town homepage is not updated.... thanks!

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      Thomas Magnum

      Here's what the DineAboutTown website stated:

      DINE ABOUT TOWN 2002 has been extended through February
      10th at MOST participating restaurants. Those few who have NOT chosen to extend the promotion will be designated with an * shortly. Please do not make reservations for Dine About Town beyond January 27th without checking if the restaurant is extending their

      Link: http://www.sfdineabouttown.com/cgi-bi...