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Jan 23, 2002 12:21 PM

Bluebird Cafe (sp?) for Chicken Fried STeak

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someone mentioned this place a few threads back. i think it might be one of the rochelleds. anyways, is this some good stuff. as always what's the location and prices?

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  1. This is just the kind of info that's included in ChowNews! Addresses, phone#s, links to maps - sometimes hours and prices depending on how in-depth the postings on the board are (hint hint, including more info in your posts than just "it was good" - helps all of us and ChowNews as well!)

    Try doing a search for Blue Bird Cafe from the main page or just scroll down the page some more - I think it's under the Mendocino, Ukiah thread.

    Alot of these questions can be answered by prior posts and more in-depth than you're likely to get by asking again about something that was recently discussed.

    Back to the eating!


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      Rochelle McCune

      Its in Hopland. On 101, going north, Blue Bird Cafe is on the left, its across from Hopland Brewery. Hopland is only a few blocks long so it would be pretty hard to miss.

      I don't remember the prices other than thinking it is worth every penny, if not more.

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        thanks. get a good chickend fried steak is damn near impossible these days.

        1. re: Earl Spitz

          I can't seem to find any mention of it in the archives. did i get the name correctly or is it mispelled?

          1. re: Earl Spitz
            Rochelle McCune

            To locate the link below for you, I used the Edit - Find In Page function. I typed in Blue Bird.