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Anything good in Harrisburg

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My wife and I moved here from NYC and have been disappointed with the restaurants. Anyone have any good suggestions?

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  1. The Firehouse in downtown Harrisburg was a nice experience..

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      A very good BYOB in downtown Harrisburg, right across from the Capitol is Sammys.

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        Stephanie in Camp Hill

        I also recommend another byob--2201 in the Boro near James on Market in Camp Hill, Pa.

    2. Hi! I like the Appalcian Brewing company. Good pub food and great beer. Get the sampler rack for the ultimate variety. The hummas is super yummy. Also, one of the doctors that I work for loves A Taste of India. He drives there often from Lancaster because he says it's like home cooking. I haven't been there myself, but I value his recomendation. Best of Luck!!!


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        I way prefer Aangan for Indian food in Harrisburg. It's up on Route 22. They even have Nepali momos.


      2. Deja Vu...We also recently relocated here from NYC and faced the same dilemma until a wise contributor on this board recommended Gibraltar in Lancaster. It's the best in the region! I cut & pasted our exchange.

        We are relatively new to the Lancaster area from Queens, NYC and are looking for a great restaurant with inspired, creative and innovative food. We cannot seem to find a place that puts more thought into the plate than the vegetable and starch of the day. We tend to lean towards seafood but would be happy with any well conceived food.

        Thanks for the great tip! A foodie friend of ours also recommended Gibraltar as the areas best, so we visited Saturday and felt as if we never left NYC. From Amuse to Dessert the meal was phenomenal, the service flawless and the wine list top notch. We had such a wonderful experience, my husband asked to meet the chef. He ended up visiting our table and ironically enough, it turns out, he was chef de cuisine for a several years at Union Square Café (our favorite in NYC.) He mentioned his pastry chef from Mirabelle, another favorite of ours…and arguably Long Island’s top French restaurant. We’ve tried nearly every restaurant in the area and have had good meals at Carr’s, Doneckers & Old Greenfield, but Gibraltar is in a whole different league!

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          Thank you very much. We'll try Gibraltar.

          We went to James on Market in Camp Hill tonight. It was excellent. The chef used to cook at Dellafamina in East Hampton. If you go, get the steak. They serve the shoulder, great flavor, very moist.

          The duck spring rolls are a very tasty appetizer.

          Thanks again. If you come across other good places to eat, please post!!

        2. Haydn's on Pine, very new but has had great reviews. Bella Mundo & Mangia Qui are also tops on the list. All 3 are downtown. What If Cafe is uptown & is also highly rated. You can travel to Lancaster for some good restaurants but IMO, you don't have to leave Harrisburg or the surrounding areas for some great meals.

          1. There are many good and great restaurants in Harrisburg area. And downtown. Italian, try Visaggio's. Home made pasta. Family Run.

            1. A few of these were already highlighted. Harrisburg's dining options have really expanded in the last two years. Top five choices for innovative cuisine, in no particular order:

              Haydn's on Pine-- Pine Street between 2nd and 3rd. Without a doubt the most expensive and most gourmet food in town. It took over the spot that used to be Parev, and they did an amazing job of remodeling. Beautiful space, two great bars (try the miniburgers) and great food. Outpost of a Lancaster institution, Haydn Zugs, but this one is modern while that version was rustic. http://www.haydnzugs.com/HOPHome.html

              Manga Qui, near corner of North and Third-- okay regional Italian dinners, but great tapas nights on Wednesdays. They've opened, in the last month, an upstairs wine and tapas bar, very modern and sleek, that serves the small plates all week long. Great view of the capital dome out the window and decent sangria. Very cool. They have a sunday brunch, which I haven't had.

              Char's Bella Mundo- in Shipoke, a neighborhood along the river just a few blocks south of downtown. Great modern american. Was my recommendation for best expensive restaurant in town until Haydn's opened. www.charsbellamundo.com

              Simoson's-- in Midtown along 2nd street. Modern American. I think the dinners there are actually overpriced for the quality, but they have a great sunday brunch and great soups.

              Jackie Blue's-- jackiebluedeli.com-- Redone modern american restaurant in place of old Double Jack's, a downtrodden bar that used to have great wings. Blue's has a good beer list, nice bar, but noisy. I haven't eaten there yet but you won't find another place in Hbg. with this entree on the menu:

              herb-seared flat iron steak, charred tomato
              vin, fingerling potato gaufrettes, arugula,
              Hombolt Fog cheese.

              Fuji Do or Sapporo East for Sushi; the Vietnamese Garden on Third Street for pho soups; and I echo prior posters re: James on Market in Camp Hill, which is great. Best burgers in town are at Jackson House (lunch only) at 4th and Boas near the state complex, for burgers and a good beer list at dinner the Epic (near the train station), best beer list in the area is K.C. Clingers, about 15 minutes south of Harrisburg on 83.

              I've also heard good things about Al Mediteraneo, outside of Hershey, but haven't been. http://www.al-med.com/

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                Simoson's is now closed, as is James on Market, which has been taken over by Confit French Bistro. The food is wonderful and it's definitely worth a visit.

              2. I am also origionally from NY and have lived here now for several years. Several places that I would absolutely suggest giving a try are: Suba (tapas bar above Manga Qui) offers very good and very fresh enticing choices and has a good brunch also, Gabriella's Italian food (only takes CASH- there is an ATM there if you forget), Cafe Fresco (for a quick bite -breakfast, lunch and dinner - dinner on 2nd st local offeres liqour), What if Cafe, also you may want to test out Bricco and El Sol which are run by HAAC's culinary school. Good Luck!

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                  Haydn's on Pine appears to be closed now. Magia Qui and Suba are the best restaurants in town, in my opinion -- Char's Bella Mundo is really coasting on its reputation at this point.

                  The restaurant that replaced Simoson's is called Bayou -- it does Creole/Cajun food and it is excellent. Jackie Blue is gone now, too, replaced by Blue Bistro, and the two times I've been there I've been disappointed.

                  Good, high-end spots in Hbg are still few and far between but there are now quite a few high quality mid-range spots.

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                    Wow, this is an old thread.
                    El Sol is not affiliated with HACC to my knowledge and is pretty good Mexican (not Texmex). They have an excellent bowl'o'liquor, I forget what it is called. Their chorizo, while probably authentic, is weird and gross.
                    Subway Cafe on Herr Street (not to be confused with fast food place) has the best pizza evah, with homemade sauce that will blow your mind.

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                      Bayou is a parking nightmare, as is Blue. I would keep those two things in mind when making my choice also.

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                        Bayou - Street parking only, I've never had any problems. The original owner/chef of Bayou recently sold it. They have unveiled a "new" menu which is basically the same as the old menu, only now you can get the specials every day of the week, The price has gone up and the quality has gone down.