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Nov 17, 2005 11:39 AM

midtown changes

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Maybe I am the last to know, but has anyone seen or reported on the new tea (and coffee) house called Steap on 18th street, south of Chestnut? Was walking speedily by today on the way to another errand and didn't have time to cross the street to relly take it all in. from the other side of the road, it looked like you could both buy a cup of tea (and coffee?) and all accoutrements associated with it for home.

Also, on the corner of 18th and Chesnut the chinese place has been gutted. Anyone know what's going in that space (south east corner)?

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    Florina de Dios Cargamantos

    The rumor is that a butcher shop and a fresh fish store are going in there.

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      Bride of the Juggler

      Interesting, because I heard DiBruno's was going to put a butcher shop and a fish shop in their old storefronts on 18th. Thank you.

      1. re: Bride of the Juggler

        heard the same - but the interior demo is definitely on the corner, so , not the former DiBrunos spaces...and the Steap place looks one storefont south of the former dibrunos. so - the fish and butcher can still be coming. my question relates to different properties. interesting.

        1. re: rumdrinks

          Steap is the new shop by the owner of the Tea Salon, formerly of Wayne.

          She knows her teas!

          1. re: burrito

            Isn't there also a new tea place on Sansom in that area, near the Marathon? Or is that just something I never noticed before?

            1. re: joypirate

              That is Remedy Tea. I've stopped by a few times and gotten tea. I think they have been open about 2 weeks. I've had some good tea (Power Pu-erh and Honey Ginsing) and then also had a tea that was very bitter and really shouldn't have been (Green tea with Jasmine). If you like tea, it's a better alternative than Tazo at Starbucks.

              1. re: girlgone

                Speaking of midtown.....on the corner across from the CVS at 19th and chestnut (Optical store), I was told that the the owner of the building is very close to securing a Coldstone Creamery and a Starbucks.

                1. re: Phillyfood

                  Boo & Hiss on the Cold Stone Creamery. Scoop de Ville is the way to go. It was bad enough when Ben & Jerry's opened up and (correlation or cause?) Alaska closed. Although I must admit that Tria is much better to have there than Alaska.


    2. No - I'm the last to know. I LOVED that Chinese place - not gourmet, but quick and cheap. I always met people there for lunch. Grrr.

      1. I work around the corner and used to go into the Chinese Shop all the time. The owner (who was great) told me the owner of the building wouldn't renew his lease, so he had little choice.
        Steap, the new tea shop is great, but the owner seems a bit, um, aggressive when dealing with customers. Good tea, though.

        1. I met her when she was in wayne and the tea is awesome but she is a little nutzo. I think its all the antioxidants in the tea cuz the people at teavana (KOP) are super hyper also from drinking tea all day. The heaven rooibos tea is the best desert tea ever! chocolate mint -- as satisfying as having a cookie.