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Nov 10, 2005 02:04 PM

Pho Cali (sorta) new in Chinatown

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Pho Cali
1000 Arch

This place has been around maybe 3 months or so but I hadn’t tried it till today. Very good bowl of pho. It’s in the space previously occupied by a very ho-hum Chinese place called “South East Chinese Restaurant” right at the intersection of Arch and 10th. I got the “Tai Nam Sach” which is a pho with a beef broth and rare flank steak, well-done flank steak, and tripe. Broth was very flavorful with the usual suspects of sliced scallions and tender vermicelli. A plate of the pho accoutrements came quickly: bean sprouts, lime wedge, fresh (Thai) basil, and sliced peppers that I thought were jalapenos at first, but I was later gleefully witness to the sudden and thorough evacuation of my sinuses, so I gotta say they are some crueler cousin to the jalapeno. Rare flank steak was the tastiest of the meat trio. Very tender, a bit streaky with fat but it was mouth-dissolving-ly tender so no matter.

Also got the Vietnamese style coffee with sweetened condensed milk. Mighty tasty.

I’ll definitely be back. I’d like to try the bun dishes and the broken rice dishes, though I think the Pho might be their strong suit, based on what the rest of the people were ordering.

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  1. Joypirate , just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your Chinatown posts . They make me wish to drive back again from Lancaster county for some fine asian eating .

    1. Pho Cali and Pho 75 both in Chinatown are both very good. I've been to both of these Pho's for lunch several times. Cali seems to be busier while both seem to be provide you with a large bowl of tasty soup at a reasonable price.

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        I look forward to trying Pho Cali.

        I always thought Pho 75 was the gold standard for Pho. I was surprised to learn that Pho Xe Lua Viet Thai on Race Street is equal or better. I thought it was good for inexpensive dishes, and never realized it had Pho on this level.

        Looks like we've got an embarrassment of rich Pho broth in Chinatown!