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Nov 3, 2005 10:37 AM

New Philadelphia Wine Bar?

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Does anyone know anything about the new wine bar on 16th or 17th Street, around Walnut?

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    Sadie Hawkins

    Do you mean Tria at 18th and Sansom? It has wine, cheese, beer, and sort of Italian tapas. It's excellent. The list of wines by the glass is both extensive and well-described. You will flip over the selection of cheeses (also well-described). I believe the cheese is from Murray's Cheese Shop in NYC, though I could be wrong.

    There is nothing like an eloquent menu.

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    1. re: Sadie Hawkins

      Nope, the place I'm talking about is on a nondescript block ... perhaps in or near where Jolly's or the Redhead Lounge is/used to be? Across the street from a hotel ... Sorry I'm not being particularly clear, but I can't quite recall the location.

      1. re: nsawicki

        I think you mean Caffe Eno (sp?). It's a wine bar in the Latham, I noticed it for the first time myself a few days ago but I thought I'd just never noticed it before.

        1. re: joypirate

          All closed now. The Latham is to reopen the Redhead/eno spot as a coffee lounge and the original Jollys at 17th and Walnut as a more casual sandwich/light fare bar/restaurant once they have concluded the finalization of Jollys lease.

    2. There is a new place called Vintage, near Capogiro, being opened by one of the servers from Le Bec Fin. I dont know the time table, but he was in (at Gayle where I work) and said it would be open soon.

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      1. re: Matt Kantor

        When is Gayle opening as well?

      2. There is a new place on 19th btw Market and Chestnut next door to Matyson that I believe is a spin off of Jolly's. It's actually two places: a sports bar and I believe the space next to it is a wine bar. Its in the old Jimmy's Milan space.