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Oct 27, 2005 10:13 PM

Thanksgiving dinner Take-Out

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I am looking for a good place to get a take-out dinner for Thanksgiving. My significant other and I both have to work on Thanksgiving and the day after, so I need a source for a turkey dinner that just has to be heated up.

A few years ago we got a so-called cooked turkey and all the fixins from Genuardi's. I thought the turkey just had to go in the oven for a short time to get hot. As it turned out, it had only been half-cooked by them. It had to stay in the oven for almost 3 hrs. By the time it was ready, we were ready to go to bed. Plus the side items (potatoes, stuffing, rolls, green beans, were all HORRIBLE!!! BLECH!!!).

Last year we went to Boston Market, which was okay. It was passable, but not great.

If anyone knows of a GREAT place that will send us home with a cooked turkey that tastes like it was made at home, PLEASE tell me.

I would prefer a place anywhere BUT center city. We live near City Line Avenue and we don't want to drive into center city just for this.

Thanks for any suggestions you can give.

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  1. mail order??? google "specialty meats"...and you can get a turkey breast - maybe even a deep fried one - with all the fixins! I just found (was looking for turducken actually) and it looks great. A friend of mine always orders from pfaelzer brothers (cajun fried turkey and sides).

    otherwise, what about (any) Whole Foods?? Or, try Food Source in Bryn Mawr.

    1. I heard Chef's Market on South Street has some good Thanksgiving take out and everything is reasonable priced. Wholefoods is good but can be pricey.

      1. I would check out the poultry stand at the Market at Albrechts on Montgomery Avenue in Narberth. It's been a while since I was there, but I'm pretty sure that they sell both rotisserie turkey and sides. You could also try the poultry stand at the Ardmore Farmer's Market, but I don't think that they sell sides (except maybe roasted potatoes). The other stands at either market could round out the meal for you.

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          Alexis Hemingway

          Not sure what area you are in, but last year I ordered a turkey, stuffing, gravy and cranberry relish from RumbleBees, Inc., 913 Lincoln Avenue, (Route 420 from I-95)Prospect Park, PA 19076; telephone 610-583-2060. It was fantastic, but it may be too large for just the two of you. I just called them, they weren't there, but have two other locations now: 610-809-3767 and 610-529-5214.

          1. I got a flyer from Jones the other day that said they are doing a thanksgiving dinners to go. I guess you order whatever it is off of their holiday catering menu and the food comes unfinished and each dish comes with the instructions on how to warm each item up so they are fresh for your thanksgiving. Sounds like a good idea and the prices looked very decent.

            Jones is on chestnut and 7th I believe. It did say something like 48 hour notice needed, and you have to pick it up the day before thanksgiving as they will be closed on the holiday.