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Oct 10, 2005 06:29 AM


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Haven't read a lot about Majolica in Phoenixville on this board. Tried it Saturday night after a 3 week wait for a table. I really wanted to like it, however I found it disappointing. The place is attractive, the service is friendly, and the food is good. I just wasn't thrilled with the place or the food. The red wine glasses are too small. They were okay for the red sancerre we'd brought, but wouldn't have worked well with a heavier red. I remember the waitress saying she'd snagged the last two red wine glasses for us. There was a glass front cabinet full of them. Maybe they were just for display? Also, when we were only half way through our entrees, she asked if we were finished. Throughout the meal, there were too frequent interruptions to ask if everything was okay. I always find this annoying. On to the food. My S.O. had sea bass which was okay but bland. I had gnocchi which were served with cubes of pumpkin and apple. It was very appropriate for autumn but not particularly flavorsome. Desserts, though, were very good. I had a hazelnut cake with coffee ice cream. The ice cream was particularly delicious. I don't know if they make it there. S.O. had a very good chocolate souffle with tarragon cream.

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  1. Perhaps you went on an off night? I went to Majolica about 3 weeks ago, also on a Saturday night, and my whole party was thrilled with everything from the service to the food to the wine glasses...oddly enough, Craig LaBan even commented on the wine glasses when doing his review of the restaurant. I don't want to come off as not valuing your opinion, because it sounds like everything you said in your post is reason for concern. However, if you are in the area and wouldn't mind trying the restaurant again, perhaps you'd find yourself more enthralled. Their menu changes seasonally, and you clearly had a different menu than I had in mid-September. While it isn't an excuse, I think it is very possible that the chef was still tweaking things when you were there. That doesn't account for the wine glass and service issues, but hopefully those were simply a fluke. Thanks for the post and hope you have better luck next time, either at Majolica or somewhere else.

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      Thanks. We will try it again.

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        I've been there twice and very much enjoyed myself. Both times I had a previous version of the gnocchi that I found a little to heavy and earthy and slightly low on flavor. On the other hand I LOVED the other dishes I had (sweet corn soup and the chocolate souffle) and really enjoyed their wine glasses and the Kimberton Coffee.

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          I didn't have coffee but they had an excellent selection of teas. I enjoyed the jasmine tea. And, as I said, the desserts were excellent. Have to try it again.

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        The chef's been there a long time....why would he be "tweaking" things ?

      3. We LOVE to try new restaurants and in the three years we've been in PA...tonight we have a new favorite ~ MAJOLICA ~ 258 Bridge Street, Phoenixville, PA ~ Ph: 610-917-0962

        The food was outstanding! We also liked the decor with the Abstract Art.

        We'll definitely be back!;-)


        1. I agree with Laura, perhaps you went on an off-night? Well at least I hope. My wife and I love Majolica and dine there often. Normally we order off the regular menu, however for special occasions we opt for a tasting menu. Which has never dissapointed. Hope you give them another chance!

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            Since the OP was 4 years ago, I hope they went again by now!

            1. re: Philly

              Actually, I haven't been back. Will have to go after all these positive comments.

          2. I gotta say I've been to Majolica several times and it has been fantastic every time. Very simple refined food for a good price. The atmosphere and service is great!