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Oct 3, 2005 02:30 PM

Greenland Tea House - Chinatown

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Pretty tasty congee at this new-ish bakery at 210 N. 9th Street ($1 a bowl). Shredded pork, preserved duck egg and scallions on request (might have been some chicken liver in there too). I’ve been pretty lucky in general with ordering savory items at bakeries because it seems that the bakeries make savory items for their own palate. I’m not often in the mood for congee lately but I think I’ll probably get it more often now that I know a place gets the consistency the way I like it. They also had a fried noodle box that was $1.50, nothing fancy, stir-fried vermicelli, probably cooked in a chicken broth and quickly tossed with cabbage and carrots. Basically what you’d consider, ‘lunch box’ food. Not something I’d probably order again unless I was in a hurry, short of cash, or looking for something that would travel well on the Chinatown bus to NYC. They also had some rice dishes wrapped in pandanus leaves and a few other savory items.

Didn’t try any of the baked goods or any of the fruity pearl drinks, I’ll probably try them at some point (Mayflower is still my current favorite bakery for their bbq pork buns; I wonder how these will stand up). They also had something on the wall that said, “savory rice cake” and I wonder if this is Cheung Fun of some sort. There were a few people milling around so I didn’t get a chance to ask. Also didn’t get a chance to ask when they opened though it still had the flags up so presumably not too long. The bakery looked fine, it’s help yourself style with tongs and wax paper. Very clean and bright space, might be a nice place to get a breakfast bowl of congee with a pastry.

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  1. We stopped here after a dim sum dinner at Lakeside cafe (delicious). They were closing, so we just picked out some pastries today. Just ate the thousand year old egg w/ locust paste--it's unusual but good if you like thousand year old egg. It tasted very fresh too.

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    1. They have good buns there, especially the Mexican bun and the peanut butter coconut one.

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        Oh, I really like their mexican buns (excellent with a cup of tea as well) and their peanut butter coconut is good as well. I've had other buns there that were quite tasty as well. Their Lemon roll pastry (not the right name, but something close) was a hit with my unadventurous nephew (9 and a little picky about food) who loves lemony desserts.

      2. "Just ate the thousand year old egg w/ locust paste--it's unusual but good if you like thousand year old egg. It tasted very fresh too."

        OK. So what's the criteria for how fresh a thousand year old egg should taste?