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Jan 21, 2002 01:57 PM

Rosamunde Reconnoiter

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It's getting close to Tuesday. I can't stop thinking about those burgers. My office is in Sonoma County. Typically, I don't even get home until 6:45-7:00.

Someone,anyone please. Order me a burger, no make that two. I'll pick them up from you. I'll pay you for them. I'm good for it, ask any of my friends. Help, I am desperate. (Ok, so I embellish a little)

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    Rochelle McCune

    Tomorrow, I have to work at my company's San Bruno offices (99.9% of the time I work in the SF offices) so I may not be able to get there before they sell out.

    If you can't get someone to get you a burger this week, I will be able to next week. Or if you're really desperate, email me your phone number (before 8am tomorrow) and I'll call you if I get to Rosamunde before they sell out.