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Sep 2, 2005 09:23 PM

Ribfest in Pittsburgh this weekend

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Sept 1st through 5th, Heinz Field.


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  1. Thank you for the link, I am attending the Pitt game this evening, and will certainly check out the Rib Fest.

    1. Did you go? If so was it anything? I went to the one near Station Square a month or so ago and it was a bust. $10 just to get in and three rib samplers for $5.00 (we thought Famous Dave's was among the best).



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      1. re: KOK

        I did go and I wasn't impressed. I watched the man on the grill where I decided to eat. He seemed to be doing everything right,I saw him remove the racks from the grill,and they looked just right but by the time I got the ribs, they had apparently been on the steam table, so they were very soft, almost slimey. And the baked beans and potato salad, just dreadful, right out of a can. Now my neighbor went to a different vendor, and said that his ribs were wonderful. Sniff. My husband had the pulled pork and said that it was wonderful. There was not an admission price to get in, and there was a beer stand there.

        1. re: Amy G.

          Thanks Amy.

          If I knew there was no admission charge, I might have been more inclined to go. It does seem the ribs are hit or miss at these events, with some being great and some not edible (we threw away a 3 rib sample last month, I forget the vendor - absolutely horrible).

          As you noted, at least there was beer!

          Thanks again,