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Jan 21, 2002 01:02 AM

Panchita's #3 recommendation

  • j

Based on previous reviews here on this establishment, I decided to give it a shot. You guys were right--the place is definitely different than #1 and #2. Decor and food are way better.

Had 3 different papusas which, unlike the usual greasy slop that others have served up, were quite crisp and very tasty. Also tried two different El Salvadorean beers (Regia and Pilsener).

For entree, I had the "bifsteak" which was actually filet mignon this particular night as the waiter mentioned. Very tender piece of meat served with potatoes and a mixture of beans/rice.

For desert, the flan was excellent---very dense and packed with flavor.

I'll be back here again.

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  1. r
    Recovering Chef

    Very glad you liked it.
    It's shocking to me that they kept the name. Oh well... keeps the crowds down at least.

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      We finally had lunch there two weekends ago, after a couple of false starts of finding it closed. Yes, it is good- food, service and ambiance. Thanks again to Chowhounds for sending us here.

      I asked about the name. It is not the result of a death wish business plan as surmised here recently. Story is that Panchita arrived in SF some years ago from the south (Mexico?) penniless and illiterate, with a talent for cooking. She ended up owning a Mission restaurant, still illiterate but far from penniless. Her three progeny each now owns his or her own restaurant. (It sounds from previous posts like they are not all of equal quality.) So the names don't designate a chain or corporate identities, but human identities and homage to Mom. I like the story, and it may even be true.