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Aug 24, 2005 10:01 AM

Jamaican Jerk Hut

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A group of 4 stopped by Saturday night, as it seemed a good night to try out the veranda we’d seen. Behind the restaurant there’s a nice patio with some well-chosen reggae music playing.

The ox-tail was so-so, not meaty enough for my taste. The meat itself was good, just wish there was more of it. Caribbean Delight has a better oxtail (with slow-braised Brazilian oxtail being my favorite incarnation of this fine piece of meat). Rice and beans were good as well, though they’d have been even better if they would have given me an extra spoonful of the sauce used to braise the ox-tail.

They were out of roti, which was unfortunate, so friends went with the curries and jerks. Jerk chicken was good, zippy jerk flavor, though I prefer mine a little spicier. Also, curried chicken was good, as was the curried goat. Curried goat was probably the best thing I tried, nice and tender, not too gamey, almost like a curried veal.

We brought 2 six packs and they put them on ice for us (including one six pack of the obligatory Red Stripe). Once we got there we realized we had some good rum at home and they sold ginger beer here. They’re very accommodating with their BYO policy and they’d be happy to mix up “Dark and Stormy’s” if requested (rum & ginger beer). We’ll definitely do this next time. We bought a few bottles of ginger beer on the way out; 3 regular bottled brands and one bottle that was considerably more expensive ($3.25 a bottle) but homemade by a guy who comes in once a week with a new batch. The dark and stormy’s we had later were mighty tasty and the homemade ginger beer had a nice, spicy ginger punch to it. The homemade ginger beer you almost HAVE to cut with rum it’s so rich.

I don’t think I’d order the ox-tail again; I’d probably go with the goat curry or try the roti. Or maybe even get a batch of their jerked chicken wings. The best part about the place is the veranda. You’re just sitting in a back lot off South Street but they do successfully make you feel distanced from the city. As we were leaving they were about to show a series of short films in the lot next to us; from the handout it looked like short documentaries. We weren’t too interested, but if we were it’d be a nice spot to watch. All entrées were around $12 unless you got to some of their fish specials which were a bit more.

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  1. Haven't been there in a year or so, but when we went they were out of Roti and a couple of other items. My husband got the goat and it was extremely in the dsh was full of bones. I guess this is not unusual for goat, but something I'm glad to know for future reference.

    1. Wow! I just went about 2 weeks ago and had the jerk chicken. I loved it, but the spice level was too high for me to eat the whole thing in one sitting. I'm impressed that you found it too mild (though of course the jerk mixture could have been different). My friend's mango chicken looked great, and I loved all the accompaniments, too.

      I really enjoyed this place (and the verandah). Service was pleasant and the portion sizes more than justify the price tag. I'd like to go back to try the rotis.

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      1. re: Eva and Ziv

        We tried Jamaican Jerk Hut yesterday for lunch. The Chicken Roti, Jerk Chicken Leg platter and Jamaican sodas were fabulous. They have a huge menu board on the wall. It is not fine dining but rather great food---> which we were seeking.

        The music and vibes transported us to Jamaica for a mere $21.00

      2. We went to the jerk hut this past saturday for the first time ever and don't think we'll be back. We enjoyed the weather, and outside atmosphere, and our cheery waitress who really wanted to please us. We enjoyed the pineapple ginger beer but we both were a little hopped up on teh sugar after 2 dark and stormies each. We should have been prepared by having brought some beer.
        The main reason why we were displeased came from the jerk wings which we just didn't like (prob our tastebuds, not their faul) and the whole jerk red snapper which was inedible - we didn't think that it was our taste buds, we thought it was the fish itself - it was mushy to the point where it tasted like paste. We waited forever for our meal - which was mostly fine since we just wanted to be sitting outside anyway and it was a lovely night. They were out of coconut shrimp, seafood ceviche and saltfish fritters as well as i think two other entrees. We also had the curry shrimp which was OK. The beef patties were in fact rather good - i had never had one before.

        So has anyone else been there lately??

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        1. re: rumdrinks

          I usually get a couple of patties, Jerk Pork and Rice and Peas (comes with plaintains.)

          Never been disappointed. When they can get real Scotch Bonnet peppers, the heat goes up.