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Earl's Peddler's Village

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  • Lobstuh Aug 8, 2005 06:57 PM
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Has anyone been to Earl's in Peddler's Village yet? It replaced Jenny's. Thanks!

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  1. Great new menu! The burgers at the bar rock.

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    1. re: BucksScene

      The last time I was there, which was about a year ago, the food was mediocre at best and I was charged .50 extra for ice in my drink ($10.50). Thanks, but no thanks.

      1. re: BucksScene

        It would be nice if Earl's actually has improved. It was way over-priced on my only visit. And, we ate in the bar area. Note: BucksScene has two posts -- both promoting Peddler's Village, so view the rocking burgers cautiously.

        1. re: jfr

          Hey - what can I say - I like the simple things and I really like burgers - I end up in Peddler's often with my family and I had a great burger experience at Earl's and Sweet Lorraine's -just sharing my experience - not claiming to be an expert

        2. re: BucksScene

          No thanks. I'll pass.

        3. Wow, four years before the first response! I too posted about Earl's some two years ago. Here's the thread:


          Lunch might be OK. :-))