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Aug 4, 2005 09:39 AM


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heard about a japanese coffee place that roasts it's own beans, but haven't been able to locate it. does this exist?

beside colombe, any other notable coffee in philadelphia?


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  1. Old City Coffee- Reading Terminal Market and Church 209 Church Street- simply the best.

    1. For coffee brewed at home, I was blown over by the quality of Kirkland decaf. That's found only at Costco, I bought it once with trepidation, and was I surprised. Really good, strong, full-bodied coffee at a bargain price.

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        La Colombe is definitely the best in philly if you brew it properly.
        Much better as French presse at home than drip coffee.
        Old city coffee is flawed from the start because the roasting is uneven and the coffee has a burned acrid taste most of the time......simply go to the RTM and you can smelll it when they roast.
        Double shots is simply OK coffee, nothing special, tried it a few times since i work in the hood.
        The owner takes himself a little tooooooo seriously.......i was returning from lunch at Capogiro one day and stopped there for more coffee and the owner said to me.." in the future, dont bring in my competitors cups"...referring to the la colombe cup from Capogiro Gelato..........and I am thinking thats have this cafe here and they sell 8 million dollars of coffee beans.....I suggested a double shot of reality.

        You know there are lots of roasters online who will deliver coffee as good or better that La colombe to your door....unless it has to be roasted in philly ?
        Try Cafe Umbria's coffee .

        1. I think the Asian place you're thinking of might be Ray's, 141 N. 9th in Chinatown. I haven't been there so can't vouch for the coffee but I hear it's a strange and interesting experience (involving glass siphons, etc).

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            I've been there and the glass syphon technique intrigued me enough to buy my own. They are made by Hario in Japan - the Japanese equivalent of Corning. The result is exceptional and I can't wait to buy some La Colombe beans to try in the syphon.

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              I've been to Ray's and LOVE their coffee.

            2. You should check out pure coffee blog on blogspot for Philly coffee info. Bill, the author, seems to have a good grasp on the Philly Coffee scene.