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Jan 19, 2002 08:19 AM

great restaurants around Moscone Convention Center

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I love your city but have not been in this area, I need to entertain an important food business client tomorrow (sunday) night and he has a plane to catch. Any suggestions for a great, mid range restaurant that makes sense for a business meeting? Preferably walking distance from the Moscone center if at all possible.
Any help would be much appreciated.

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  1. There's always LuLu on Folsom, off Third--very close, with a good menu and wine list...for a business meeting it might be a bit noisy, however...Le Charm is a couple blocks further away, but quiet and very good...Fringale and Bizou, each on Fourth Street just north of Brannan--so slightly farther away--would be good choices...Dine, on Mission (or is it on Howard?) is nearby, but I haven't been there since the original chef left, so not sure about the food anymore--it also has noise issues.

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      I think that Le Charm is a good bet...warm atmosphere, good food, decent prices.
      Sad to say, LuLu has gone downhill---way downhill---skip it.

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        Hawthorn Place-- LuLu is yesterday's news for sure