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Jan 18, 2002 05:43 PM

Cantonese Restuarant next door to Ton-kiang

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When I was on the line for Dim Sum at Ton-kiang (Geary and 22nd), I realized that the restuant next door was busy with activities as well. There was ads on the door for $4.00/dish of frog legs, $7/roasted pigeon etc. And they also have an extensive dimsum menu as well. Has anyone tried this place?

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  1. My parents go there all the time! I think it's called Golden River. The dim sum is inexpensive and good, but not nearly as fancy as what you would get at Ton Kiang. They cater to a very Cantonese cliente. My friend had her wedding banquet there and the food wasn't bad. Go check it out!