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Jun 23, 2005 01:07 PM

Breakfast in Bryn Mawr?

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Dears, any place to eat an early breakfast in or around Bryn Mawr? The closest we seem to come is Minelli's, in Wayne. There's got to be a closer place! (Dine in only.) Thank you!

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  1. How about the Villanova Diner on Lancaster Ave.

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    1. re: JanR

      The Villanova Diner isn't there anymore...they tore it down a short while ago.

    2. Sorry I don't have any great Bryn Mawr recommendations... The Point had breakfast but that is closing this weekend. Tango has Sunday Brunch. The Villanova Diner was horrible... be glad you missed it.

      If you're going to drive all the way to Wayne, there are a few great options other than Minella's. Nudy's, about 2 mins further down the road, is my favorite breakfast spot in the area. The menu is very creative and diverse. (review linked below)

      Silverspoon Cafe is also pretty good -- right behind South Moon Under before you get to Minella's... they specialize in omelets.

      Joe's is right across from blockbuster in Wayne and has the best bacon/egg/cheese or sausage/e/c sandwiches I've had around here.


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        I enthusiastically second the rec for Nudy's.

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          Honey Bunches

          Thank you so much! Joe's sounds great, as do the other two. I don't mind driving there (I hate Minelli's and only go there because I don't know where else to go, and yes, we ate at Villanova right before it was torn down -- justice prevails!).

          Thanks so much!

        2. There are a few options in Ardmore. Ruby's is probably more what you had in mind, but you can also get breakfast at the Farmers Market (there are tables there) and a chain--Corner Bakery Cafe, I think--just opened across from Ruby's. You're probably already familiar with the Cosi in Bryn Mawr.

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          1. re: DS

            Based upon the dates of the original posts, I made the mistake of not doing some additional research before venturing to the Silverspoon Cafe. It's closed.

            Silverspoon Cafe
            205 W Lancaster Ave, Wayne, PA 19087

            1. re: doy

              I guess they moved apparently, b/c they are still open. Just not the location I went two (which had 2 signs for the place).

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                The Silverspoon is now located in Eagle Village, Wayne PA.
                Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Sunday Brunch. BYOB

          2. Ardmore Station Cafe across from the train station.