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Jan 18, 2002 01:44 AM

Crescent City Cafe?

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I realize that it has been out of commission for a while now, but I still can't figure out

1) when it closed
2) why it closed
3) will it reappear?

I tried to satiate my craving for Cajun and hit Le Crewes (Valencia/22) about 2 months ago, found it very disappointing. Then I went to Cajun Pacific all the way out in the Outer Sunset, and that was very tasty. But I still wonder what happened to CCity - and would love recommendations to help replace its departure..


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  1. 1) when it closed. If I recall correctly, they closed for Mardi Gras last year & never came back. The Thai noodle place opened up a few months later. The food is actually quite good, the peanut sauce is nice & spicy, but the atmosphere is lousy (I always get take-out, call ahead!) & they only take cash.
    2) why it closed. The owner wanted to retire, according to the liquor store guys next door. He'd already sold off Dish on Masonic & Haight and another place in the Marina. Crescent City was his last place.
    3) will it reappear? Apparently never. :(

    I've heard good things about P.J.'s Oyster Bed on Irving near 7th, but have never actually made it there myself. Good luck, I'm interested in what others will recommend!

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      thanks for the info....i have eaten at PJ's in the last few months and i am sorry to report that it was not very good - the jamalaya was not very flavorful and the atmosphere was just blandly "festive". the good news is that there is a brand-spankin' new Cajun spot on 24th Street, just east of Castro that is supposedly very very good and super reasonable. hopefully someone will ring in with a review soon.

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