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Jan 17, 2002 08:15 PM

Tea at House of Nanking

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Does anyone know where to buy the kind of tea that they serve at House of Nanking? The tea they serve has what seems like flower buds in it. They add a sweetness to the tea that's really nice. Since I'm not a big fan of the food there (way overrated, I like Great Eastern around the block) I want to find this tea on my own.

Any pointers on what kind of tea it is and where to buy it would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Chrysanthemum perhaps? Often sweetened with sugar. It has a slightly pollen flavor which I like a lot.

    were the flowers/buds yellowish by any chance?

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      I think the buds were reddish. The actual tea was jasmine but I'm still unsure about the flower. When I asked them they gave me a vague response about how it was healthy for you but no specifics...

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        If the color is red it is most likely to be a mini-rose blub. Nan Hoi on Grant Avenue has a 50% off sale for all the expensive teas. I purchase a pound of mini-rose blubs for $20.00. You can have them do as little as a 1/4 lb (mine are package in 4 1/4 lb bags, they keep fresher that way) The flowers are a add on, you will still need to know was the tea is. The rose blubs are for add flavor, color and smell. I am use mine with a tea call Dragon Peral which I think a jasime time leave blub before it opens.

    2. Why not go in, order a bowl of soup and a cup of tea, and ask them what kind of delicious tea it is?

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        Leslie Brenner

        Chinese green teas are available flavored with a number of different flowers--jasmine, rose, and chrysanthemum come to mind. With the less expensive jasmine teas, part of the flower is actually left in. There's a thread going on about tea right now in General Topics, and serveral on-line purveyors have been recommended--I know that quite a few of them carry these "flavored" and do, I believe.

        1. I'm pretty sure it is jasmine tea- smelled like it, and the flowers were long and white. Also in the bottom of my cup were 3 dried jujubees. (the fruit, not the candy!)

          The jasmine tea that comes in the orange tin (Fujian tea import & Export Co.) has whole flowers in it. It is sold lots of places. So are dried jujubees.

          You're right, their tea IS good!

          1. What color is the flower?