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Delaware County, PA Restaurants

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Looking for good restaurants in Delaware County. (We live in Lansdowne.) I've been in the area for several years but it's so hard to find the neighborhood places with great food. We've tried the chains like Bennigans all along Baltimore Pike but want something more. We have found Peking in Media (always great), Village Porch Bistro and one or two others. Any ideas? Can be a good burger/fries or more expensive restaurant. Any ideas would be great. Thanks....J

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  1. I am in Havertown and I struggle as well to find chow.

    BUT - here is something good on the near horizon: Owners of the former Xochimilco in Upper Darby will be opening a new place, Hidalgo, at Oak and Providence Road, which I guess is technically in Darby but might be Springfield? I''ll be keeping the board aprised of its opening. And, I'll cross fingers for the owners that they do well.

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      Oak and Providence is actually Aldan. Is it the shopping center with the Giant in it?

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        dunno - haven't seen the site yet. i think i understood it to be property that was actually a standalone restaurant before - not necessarily in a strip mall. anyway, their mexican food, and hospitality was excellent so here's hoping the reincarnation is good too. will keep you posted.

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        It's in a tiny strip mall with a CVS Pharmacy - on the left end where an Italian restaurant used to be. It's on Providence Road going eastbound on the right, past the shopping center with Giant, and past the beer/soda distributor, but before the strip mall with Caroline's and Zac's.

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          I just saw the sign this weekend. I'll definitely be stopping in soon. Not sure if it is open yet but I'll post a report once I go. Thanks!

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            My husband and I were frequent diners at the late Xochimilco in Upper Darby, so we were pretty thrilled when we heard about Hidalgo and went to the grand opening, which was a lot of fun with a delicious---and filling---pre fixe menu. Hidalgo is trying to get a liqueur license:( But for now it is still BYOB and BYOT (for yummy margaritas). On our second visit, we were a little disappointed that the prices are slightly higher than at the Upper Darby location, but on the upside the service seems to be improving (still slow, though) and the space is more open, and (I'll let you be the judge) the sound system is louder, so that the restaurant's hostess is LOUDER;0

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          We are always searching for a good local place - live in the Westbrook Park section of Clifton Heights - does anyone know what happened to the Painted Horse by the Westbrook Market?? - we also used to go to the Oakmont Pub in up on Eagle Road but have been very disappointed the last few times...

        3. Not necessarily great but we frequent Pica's in Upper Darby for pasta, the Trieste in Prospect Park for pasta (free face painting for the kids on Friday night), the Gateway Diner for breakfast in Holmes, the Dairy Cottage in Springfield for sandwiches, Nora Lees in Ridley for Cajun, the Erin Pub in Norwood, and all the various Media restaurants. Hope that helps!

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            I highly recommend Trieste in Prospect Park. It's a no-frills, down home italian joint with GOOD FOOD. My boyfriend and I are regulars. He loves the mussels and marinara and just about everything else on the menu. I tend to stick to spaghetti, ravioli and meatballs. We're never disappointed when we eat at Trieste.

          2. Roux 3 over in Newtown Square/Edgemont is excellent -- somewhat upscale and pricey but very good eclectic food. roux3.com

            Link: http://www.mainlinedine.com

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              Sadly, Roux 3 has closed it's doors. (11/2008)

            2. I've lived here for a while and I've found quite a bit of gems. Here are some of my favorites:

              1) Nora Lee's in Morton- Great cajun food, decent prices, BYOB

              2) Quotations in Media- Excellent beer list with really great food. I'm here about once a week.

              3) Cheng Hing in Swarthmore- Cute place with really good chinese food. They're not at Peking standards, but it's inexpensive and much much better than your random place.

              4) Trio's in Folsom- I LOVE this place. It's an Italian deli where you can get Sarcone Bread and great lunchmeat. They make hoagies, chicken cutlets, homemade meatballs, all kinds of stuff and it's all good. There's a restaurant area with kosher pickles on the tables and take out beer.

              5) Countryside Market in Swarthmore- Open for breakfast and lunch with lots of original sandwich options. The fries are extra, but worth it.

              6) Java Joe's in Folsom- Open for breakfast and lunch with lots of specialty items. Expect a line at the door.

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                Wow, you beat me to it. Java Joe's and Countryside Market are two of my faves for brunch/lunch. I miss them now that I'm in Bucks.

                I'm surprised to see the Cheng Hing rec. Going to college at Swarthmore, I always saw it as a cheap place for dorm delivery, not a destination.

                Also in Media: Nadia's Thai (I think--formerly Noodi Bar) is great for a fast, cheap, delicios meal. Great Thai iced tea and pad thai.
                I like New Orleans Cafe for a nicer meal (I think a reservation is necessary for weekend dinner). Good Cajun food (I can't speak for the authenticity, but it seemed like a new, lighter take to me). It's been a while since I was last there, though.

                Belrose 333 in Radnor was my choice for a family birthday dinner and graduation celebration. If it's on the menu, their specialty, the Java pork, is a must. They have a beautiful garden, too.

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                  "I'm surprised to see the Cheng Hing rec. Going to college at Swarthmore, I always saw it as a cheap place for dorm delivery, not a destination."

                  Ha--sentiment seconded, from a fresh graduate!

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                  Yes, definitely try Trio's. Good hoagies there!

                3. I've lived here for a while and I've found quite a bit of gems. Here are some of my favorites:

                  1) Nora Lee's in Morton- Great cajun food, decent prices, BYOB

                  2) Quotations in Media- Excellent beer list with really great food. I'm here about once a week.

                  3) Cheng Hing in Swarthmore- Cute place with really good chinese food. They're not at Peking standards, but it's inexpensive and much much better than your random place.

                  4) Trio's in Folsom- I LOVE this place. It's an Italian deli where you can get Sarcone Bread and great lunchmeat. They make hoagies, chicken cutlets, homemade meatballs, all kinds of stuff and it's all good. There's a restaurant area with kosher pickles on the tables and take out beer.

                  5) Countryside Market in Swarthmore- Open for breakfast and lunch with lots of original sandwich options. The fries are extra, but worth it.

                  6) Java Joe's in Folsom- Open for breakfast and lunch with lots of specialty items. Expect a line at the door.

                  1. Try Nais Cuisine in Havertown.
                    Also - we sometimes go to the Chinese/Japanese restaurant (Sanpan) on Brookline BLVD. That street recently lost Carmines which moved to Narberth. There is also a cute place on Haverford Rd near Eagle - Peppers Cafe - just a few stools and a picnic table outside - but very good carryout. On Baltimore Pike in Springfield - there is supposed to be a good Italian place (bella, i think)- it is in the same center as John Harvard's which is good for beer.

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                      i second Nais. Not much in the decor department, but good food.

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                        I third Nais - not necessary for a third, but we really like it there - fantastic food, great service...and, if you go to their website they usually have a coupon up for dining during the week...

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                          Maureen King

                          found you on the web.. am looking for a fun restaurant for a surprise birthday dinner/brunch for a 5o yr old- - 10 -15 women who love some music --

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                            Nais has been a consistently excellent neighborhood restaurant for a couple of decades. I wish the menu would change more (or at all), but what they do, they do well.

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                          The Italian place by John Harvard's was Cafe Bellissimo. It closed last year under mysterious circumstances, I believe--one day it was there, and the next, there were signs in the windows saying something about debt. Too bad, it was decent for a chain-alternative.

                          1. re: Eva and Ziv

                            Cafe Bellisimo was owned by the two men who owned Roux 3 in Newtown Square. Both of those restaurants were very good, but could not compete with the chain restaurants which the shopping center owner put in. In the case of Bellisimo, he put in Bertucci's and told the Bellisimo owner to sue him for violating the lease terms!
                            In the case of Roux 3, he put in Bonefish Grill, an Outback owned place with huge buying capacity. Roux 3's food was so much better, but people seem to go for cheaper!

                        3. Unfortunately, Lansdowne just isn't a restaurant destination, though some takeout Chinese (Great Wall) and pizza (Colonial Kitchen) is pretty good. Some ideas within a short drive:

                          Szechuan Hill, Township Line Shopping Center, Township Line Rd (U.S. Rte 1), Drexel Hill (very good noodles, dumplings, chicken)

                          Charlie's, Academy Ave @ PA Rte 420, Folsom (just up from MacDade Blvd...caution: closed Tuesdays and no fries) - great burgers and shakes

                          Nifty Fifty's, MacDade Blvd & Rte 420, Folsom (awesome shakes, soda fountain, burgers, fries)

                          As another hound pointed out, Cafe Belissimo in Springfield closed. It will be replaced by Charlie Brown's Steakhouse.

                          1. MANY THANKS!!!

                            1. I really like this place. I've only eaten brunch there, fwiw.

                              1. Check these out heading south on Rt.1 (Baltimore Pike) between RT.452 and Rt. 202:

                                The Country House (Just before Franklin Mint)

                                Concordville Inn (Just before Rt. 322)


                                P.F. Chang (Chinese extraordinaire plus atmosphere)

                                Mexican and Carrabas(Italian) are in the Painters Crossing theatre lot at RT.1 and 202

                                ENJOY!! I DID!

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                                    We were disappointed with the Concordville Inn on Father's Day. Slow service with the salad and soup, soup was out and finished before salads were delivered. Also the FoH manager came around and asked if we needed any thing and when my daughter said a soda he went and sat down at a booth with a patron and talked for about 15 minutes. This was while we were waiting for the waitress to come and ask if we wanted anything else or the check and then to deliver the check.

                                    1. re: dondcook

                                      Too bad you didn't check CH before you went. Concordville Inn has been lackluster from the day it opened. In fact, so are the other places mentioned in RLW's post from 2005.

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                                        We have gone there a few time over the years and service wasn't to bad. We especially like the rooftop seating area, but this time it was so poor and by the way he never did return with the soda.. We had taken my father in law (99 Years old) out and I told my wife that we would have had better service at the Middletown Diner.

                                  2. m
                                    Marybeth Miller

                                    The Hildago location that you're all talking about would actually be Primos, Pa. (or Secane, Pa since that's the post office) If you are coming down Oak from Baltimore Pike you would turn right onto Providence and the strip is about 2 blocks down on your right. If coming up Oak from MacDade you would turn left onto Providence and, again, the strip is about 2 blocks down on your right. The CVS is still there, it is a strip mall and the old Italian restaurant that was there before was Spiga D'Oro. Actual address is 831 Providence Road, Primos, Pa. 19018. On another note, glad I found this web site as I was searching for a place to take my Father to lunch today and he lives right around the corner. Will check out Hildago's. Wasn't aware they were opened. Thanks. Hope these directions helped with the location questions. ~~MB~~

                                    1. Sorry to break the news to you Jaybird but Village Porch has been gone for some time - I miss it! I has been replaced w/ Peace a Pizza - pretty good and kids have fun there. I will second Quotations in Media (mentioned below). You may want to try Kildare's - they have a different selection of food (Irish fare but also have burgers and other items) - they are in the shops near Granite Run Mall (where Friendly's and Red Lobster are).

                                      Also, someone mentioned New Orleans Cafe (in Media) - that is sadly gone as well however it was replaced with Brodeurs which I think has great food. I've only been there for lunch but their menu looks good and they have 2 different rooms - one is a bit fancier. http://www.brodeursonstatestreet.com/.

                                      If you want BBQ - try Famous Dave's (the old Houlihans). And Charlie Brown's is good too (in shopping center across from Genardi's in Sprinfield). Panera is good for soup, salads and sandwiches or just a bagel and coffee in the AM.

                                      Lastly, if you feel like taking a drive Hank's in Chadds Ford has the best homecooking I've had. If they were open on Thanksgiving, I'd just go there. Their homemade apple crisp w/ homemade whipped cream is incredible!

                                      I know these are mostly all chains but there isn't a huge selection of mom and pop shops anymore it seems. We live in Aston and usually head down to Delaware to eat.

                                      Happy eating!

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                                      1. Try out that new panini place "HOUSE" on Jackson right off of State in Media. They make delicious panini sandwiches, soups and salads from scratch. I'm addicted. Also, Stevens on State in media is decent.

                                        1. I just found this board today when I was looking for restaurants for an upcoming trip to Chicago. But I just wanted to chime in because I totally feel your pain with the lack of quality restaurants in De Co. I am in Havertown.

                                          I have three recommendations:

                                          1. Giampino's - yeah it's been there forever and the decor isnt the greatest, but the food (as long as you don't order the buffet) is really good. We LOVE the seafood florentine. And it is BYOB and usually there is enough of a din in there that I am not worried to take my daughter in case she drops a fork or something, but the noise is not loud or annoying. http://giampinos.com/home.html

                                          2. Suk Ho - (funny name, good food - should be their slogan) brand new Thai on Eagle Road across from the Oakmont pub. We saw a coupon for this in the clipper magazine and had to give it a try because we dont like the next closes thai cusine (thai orchid on lancaster ave). It is BYOB, small and quiet, with a tasteful decor, and the food is fantastic! fresh and flavorful and my husband is addicted to the green curry. It is almost as good as our favorite place from where we used to live.

                                          3. Also brand new and I dont even know the name, but a new Japanese place opened on the corner of Haverford Rd and Eagle. (technically montgomery county I think). It used to be a japanese place specializing in take out beer, but now they totally re-did the place and have some great food! They also still have a good selection of takeout beer too - like chimay and other fancy imported brands. Oh and a word of warning - the wasabi shumai are VERY strong (they literally made me cry and I dont usually shy away from spicy food).

                                          1. I agree with Trio, House,and Countryside Market, but Quotations food is far from good. It's far from mediocre. The beer list is great, especially some of the stuff on tap, but the food and atmosphere(although crowded at times) @ Iron Hill across the street is better. Iron Hill is kid friendly and is better than the national chains. The best beer and food combo in Delaware Co has to be the place next to Theresa's in Wayne. Amazing belgian and american beer list w/ solid food.

                                            In Media, Picasso and Azie are trying to do Center City food and style, but the results are very uneven. Margaret Kuo's doesn't seem as good as it used to be considering Asian food in general has gotten better all around the city. Better bet is going to Wynnewood to Sang Kee. Same good food as Chinatown but not as much driving and free parking. Their noodle soups are the best around. Le Belle Epoque on State St does a good brunch. Custom Bagel on Olive St has great bagels and breakfast sandwiches.

                                            320 Produce market has a nice selection of specialty goods, but their sandwiches are really good.

                                            Scarramuzza's in Clifton has good pasta to go.

                                            Fresca in Newtown Square has good fancy pizzas.

                                            Trader Joe's has all kinds of good stuff to cook @ home. Better option than going out most often in DelCo. Grill out in the summer b/c there isn't much outdoor dining around.

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                                              Mission Burrito in Lansdowne is fairly new and terrific. In same strip shopping center as Blockbuster--directly across Baltimore from St. John's Episcopal Church. (We come after their monthly Sat. 5 pm JAZZ MASS,,, and again for lunch after church.) BYOB, and they have margerita mixes. I normally hate American-Mexican food. Jacqui and her husband moved here from Mission District of San Francisco and make fresh, delicious burritos plus everything elseyou'd expect. I get mine NOT hot, and my husband gets his extra-hot. I'm vegetarian and very happy here. Also a meat-eater's heaven, good for families. Close early--8 pm. Open on Sundays.
                                              Saturdays they have brunch, I think, and thursday is Gourmet night with (often) non-Mexican dinners. MOTherS DAY Brunch there was a real hit with my mom-in-law and us and a mother sans kids--many choices, all gourment.
                                              Prices are great and you can often take 1/2 of their regular Burrito home for next day's lunch. We like to get our burrito in a bowl, with the tortilla on the bottom. Great salsa-chips bar, too. We're addicted.

                                              1. re: mindgardener

                                                I am glad that there are people that like Mission, I really am. I gave them so many chances when they opened but was consistently dissapointed. I grew up in CA too not far from the Mission and I so wanted to love this place. But the thing I consistently found was that it was underseasoned. Especially the meats. Maybe time to give it another try.

                                                1. re: hotspur

                                                  This isn't a reply to Hotspur about Mission, but simply another recommendation in Lansdowne: The Regency Cafe on Lansdowne Avenue. Salads, sandwiches, quiche, pastries, coffee. Just excellent quality, fresh ingredients. Tiny, casual, inexpensive, really delicious. Have only been there for lunch, but I think they stay open for dinner at least some evenings...

                                                2. re: mindgardener

                                                  As a relocated Texan and fan of mexican in general, I've been pretty satisfied with the food at mission (their salsas in particular are tasty) but the service has been sub par most of the times we've gone in. It's a 5 minute walk from our place, so we end up eating there anyway, but there's one lady who's frequently working the counter and she's just plain rude. We came in one night 50 minutes before they closed and she insisted that we get food to go and acted like taking our order at all was a major hassle. I'm not surprised it's empty most of the time.

                                                3. re: hungryA


                                                  San Francisco based hound on a family jaunt...

                                                  I ate last night at Picasso in Media, and must say that if y'all think that's 'uneven' either I hit it on a good night, or you don't know what's good. The place was fairly empty on a saturday night when Iron Hill was booked solid. We were skeptical when we drove by as it seemed completly empty, but there's a large bar/bistro area in the front, then we were welcomed into a more intimate and warm room in the back.

                                                  I had a very passable crabcake which I might argue was over spiced but the crab content was high, the crab fairly fresh, the texture was right, and since I haven't eaten proper blue crab in years most welcome. Yum. My GF ordered the mussels, and we shared - they're apparently serving the bistro menu from next door as well as the regular picasso menu, which thus includes the mussels.

                                                  The mussel sauce is a true Provencal sauce, big chunks of tomato and garlic, and if I lived within 10 miles I'd be there on a regular basis. Those mussels were right on - almost undercooked, juicy like crazy, although they'd be better with proper belgian fries.

                                                  For a main I had a pork loin special that was mad good. The pork was exactly properly cooked, just a hint of pink and juicy like a steak, with mad rosemary taste. GF's mother said "in france, do they undercook their vegetables?" and I had to explain that, yes, they prefer their green beans with a little snap instead of cook-until-grey. She was dubious but liked the pork.

                                                  The bistro menu included normandy style buckwheat crepes, similar to what's served at Ti Couz in San Francisco's mission district (a much beloved joint), a dish I've rarely seen elsewhere. Arguably the crepes were slightly overcooked, a little too crunchy, and without the right kind of cheese, but I'll give them points for trying, and I'd be down eating in the bar area every few weeks trying to get the right crepe.

                                                  Dinner for 4 was about $150 with tax, tip, and a few glasses of wine, which, frankly, I consider very fair given the quality of the food. I expected to pay more.

                                                  4 beers on tap, Stella, Chimay White, Sierra Nevada, something else. I had the chimay. The wine menu by the bottle looked undistinguished but at least not terribly overpriced - but the glass menu was reasonable.

                                                  This looked to me like a restaurant worried about the economy and putting on its best face. It was nearly empty on a saturday, with more servers than customers, OTOH, christmas is a weird week. Perhaps people think it's a fussy restaurant - it's not, we were there in our jeans and fleece sweaters and were treated graciously.

                                                  I'm writing this in the hope the place survives until next year, because I don't want to eat at the Towne House again. Brrrr.

                                                  1. re: hungryA

                                                    Quotations, is a funny place I have eaten in the dining area and the service is terrible. However, service is much better in the bar and the variety of beers available there is great. Also Iron Hill Brewery across the street isn't bad.

                                                  2. Hey- I just got back from Hawaii. Had an amazing Acai (pronounced a-sigh-ee) Bowl.
                                                    It's a mixture of Acai smoothie topped with granola, honey, beesewax & berries. Wonderful breakfast!!! Anywho, can't seem to find any places in the Delaware County area that make up this concoction. Does anyone have any suggestions?? BTW- I live in the Springfield/Swarthmore area. Thx

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                                                      I had and Acai bowl in Santa Cruz. I have to make my own: you can buy the Acai frozen smoothie packs at Whole Foods (~$5 for a pack of 4)- I buy the unsweetened Acai. Blend in a turboblender like a "Vitamix" with OJ. Place bananas in a bowl and top with the smoothie and then the granola. YUUUUM! I bet if you ask the Co-op they will get the smoothie packs for you. Brand name: Sambazon. website www.sambazon.com Good luck

                                                    2. We love Bona Cucina in Upper Darby. Great Italian, BYO. They do allow smoking, and it is tiny, but worth a trip. Cash only. My family and I celebrate all big occasions there.

                                                      1. If you dont mind a 35 minute drive, you should try Brandywine Prime. You could get a fantastic 10oz rib eye filet for $29.. two people could easly get out of there for under $100. its on the corner of rts1 and 100 Chadds Ford.

                                                        1. It is not in Delco, it's in Wilmington, DE ( near where I work) but OH MY THIS PLACE IS WORTH THE RIDE!!!
                                                          The Dumpling House
                                                          1828 W. 11th Street, Wilmington, DE 19805
                                                          Phone:(302) 888-1828, Fax:(302) 888-1869
                                                          You will not be disappointed, limited menu, but all fresh cooked, the owner & chef, Eileen is an awesome woman and a better cook!!!!
                                                          Try the Chef's Special Rice Noodle Soup, its the best!My hubby & I are addicted to it.
                                                          We have also had the dumplings if course which are fabulous and also tried the fried noodles combination. Her food is unique and very delicious. Check the hours before going. www.dumplinghouse.com

                                                          1. I am very happy to say that Picasso Restaurant on State Street in Media very much exceeded my expectations. My husband even loved it and he is extremely hard to please. I have lived in Delaware County since 1999 and have been searching for great restaurants for many years---it has been very disappointing. But Picasso was well worth it and we will definitely be back for more great food! Picasso has a full bar, great atmosphere, excellent service and most of all - awesome food! For starters, the tomato leek soup was very fresh and great tasting. For the main course I had lobster ravioli and my husband had salmon with a side of gnocchi, both excellent. Dessert was chocolate mousse, a chocolate crepe and cappucino. I have been wanting to try this restaurant for years but was hesitant as I have never known anyone who has tried Picasso. I am very glad we decided to give it a try!!!!! You will love it also...

                                                            1. Has anyone tried Tip O'Leary's? I pass it on Rte 3 next to Kohl's and I have wondered about this place. Thanks.

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                                                              1. re: BigAppetite

                                                                I mentioned this place in July, and I'll mention it again since this is an old post: the Regency Cafe on Lansdowne Avenue in Lansdowne. It's a tiny place near the railroad tracks, but is in the process of moving (if it hasn't already) to larger quarters near the Lansdowne Theater. It's a real sleeper: excellent sandwiches on good bread, salads, quiche, decadent pastries (there are these cinnamon-twist thingies; sigh); great coffee. I haven't eaten breakfast there, but if it's as good as the lunch food, it's great. It's a real neighborhood coffee shop -- laid-back atmosphere; you can hang out for hours reading or whatever -- with great food. I haven't been to the new space yet (as I said, not sure they've finished the move, but it's imminent). Highly, highly recommended.

                                                              2. Since this thread's been recently reactivated, thought I'd chime in. I grew up in Delco but have lived in Arizona the last 30 years, and when I go back to visit family I often despair of finding anyplace "non-ethnic" to accommodate a vegetarian. One place I keep going back to is the America Bar & Grill on the Baltimore Pike at Brinton Lake in Glen Mills. Very eclectic menu, pretty decent grub. And even though it plays up its bar, there are always families with kids (which doesn't thrill me, particularly as the room adjacent to the bar is pretty loud, but just so you know).

                                                                1. Delco continues to be a restaurant wasteland, at least in the Drexel Hill/Springfield area. There are so many places with mediocre found and inattentive service. We did try the Regency Cafe in Lansdowne recently and very much enjoyed it for lunch. If only they would expand and serve a nice dinner.... We have yet to try Bona Cucina, tried to walk in once but they had no room. I would love a friendly little Italian place with good "gravy." DeMarco's has disappointed, as has Pica's. The Painted Horse is decent for some things (burgers) but any more "sophisticated" entrees are usually not worth it.

                                                                  Lately we have been trying the "pubs." We visited Tip O'Leary's once. It happened to be the night of a going away party for one of the employees, and there was karaoke going on. The staff was very friendly and attentive and invited everyone in the place to have a piece of cake. The food was good, not great. The place is very old and very dark. A lot of regulars - seems to be a neighborhood hangout.

                                                                  Eating out is just getting too expensive to settle for mediocrity!

                                                                  1. I grew up in DelCo and I have to agree with most people here, it's lacking in the resturant variety. However, I believe if you know where to look you can Find some gems even if they aren't what you'd call "resturants".

                                                                    My number one has to be Felini's on state street. It's a little Italian place with AMAZING food and atmosphere. The prices are pretty reasonable.

                                                                    My second is the Dragon Garden in the Springfield Shopping Center. They have the BEST chinese food Second only to The China Aston Inn On Pennall St in Aston (across from the Planet Fitness)

                                                                    My next few aren't really "resturants" More like amazing take out places. Cimminaras and Gaetanos Pizza, Both on Springfield Rd Have, I think, the best Pizza without heading to Celebrese in the City.

                                                                    1. Sycamore (BYO) on Lansdowne Avenue near train tracks. Try it. Don't think you'll be disappointed.

                                                                      1. Wow, not a lot has changed in terms of restaurant choices since I went to high school in Havertown early 1980s. Been in DC since that time.

                                                                        1. Hi - we live in Ridley Township. Trieste in Prospect Park is pretty good as is Erin's Pub. We especially enjoy Nora Lee's which recently (in the past few months) re-opened on Chester Pike in Prospect Park at the location of the old Burk's Bend. We like Pica's in Upper Darby as well. There's another spot (name is escaping me right now) near the SEPTA train staion in Morton which has pretty decent breakfasts (haven't been there for other meals).

                                                                          1. Funny but I actually started this thread 4 1/2 years ago. I've tried a lot of places in 4 1/2 years and some of the ones we go back to are Sycamore in Lansdowne (BYOB with excellent food), Picas (amazing pizza), Clam Tavern (friendly place, good specials (espec all you can eat mussels on Mon & Tues), not awesome food but always consistent with good portion size, Iron Hill - consistent, not great but good, Peking Media, Teresa's Next Door. My sweetie and I make a rule that if we didn't enjoy our meal the first time, we typically don't go back. We are thankful to live in Lansdowne so we're closer to the city than a lot of people. Of course, I always come back to the boards to see if there is anything new out there. Thanks for some of the suggestions here.

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                                                                            1. re: jbmacarro

                                                                              Have you tried 2312 Garrett yet? The beer selection is awesome. Also, dock street in the city is pretty close (I pick up pizza from there regularly)

                                                                              1. re: jbmacarro

                                                                                I live outside of Media and find that there are a lot of varied restaurant both in styles and quality in the area. I wouldn't classify many of them high-end and there a few that could use Irvine's or Ramsey's help but there are a few good 3 and 4 star restaurants in the area. Azia in Media is not bad. We enjoyed Mile High in Concord. Also the Porch in Springfield is some place I will try again.
                                                                                Generations, formally the Little Inn, is a place we go to frequently as well as Upper Providence Grill a little further down the road.

                                                                              2. Two suggestions, although they're upper Delco.

                                                                                Quotations in Media is my wife and my new favorite go-to spot. They have an amazing beer list, including about 10 or 12 draft choices - most stuff you've never heard of. Many, many interesting bottled beers. They will cheerfully bring you tastes of different drafts, which I often do. The food choices are varied and a little up from typical bar fare. Ribs are terrific and I haven't had anything yet that I didn't like.

                                                                                1. Sang Kee has moved in where Roux 3 used to be in Edgemont. It's a welcome newcomer to the area. We have been 3 or 4 times and have gotten takeout a number of times. We've tried many things on the menu and haven't hit anything we didn't like, except perhaps the duck half of the duck and pork appetizer. Not bad, just a little fattier that we might have liked. The peking duck roll appetizer is to die for and a great option if you don't want to spend the money for the whole peking duck dinner.

                                                                                  1. Know this is an old thread, but read about this place in the Inquirer and checked it out this weekend - great meal. The place was totally redone and beautiful inside.

                                                                                    Pasta was homemade, and the pizza is yummy brick oven (enjoyed the margarita). Limited seating so I'd suggest checking it out on an off time if possible.