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Jan 17, 2002 04:49 PM

Tofu Land: new Chinatown restaurant

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"first Korean restaurant in North Beach" says the menu, but it's really in that zone where Chinatown blends into North Beach.

Anyway, they specialize in Soft Tofu Stews, and after one try, they're pretty decent, but not extraordinary. Korean tofu stews are not my favorite thing but I do crave them from time to time, and I'd return to Tofu Land for it. The seafood tasted fresh enough, but the kimchees were so-so. The barley tea was watery and the music horrible (KOIT is SOOOO baddddd), but maybe that doesn't bug everyone.

Tofu Land
708 Vallejo near stockton

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  1. I ate lunch at Tofu Land today. I am no expert on Korean food, but I found the soft tofu stew (with mushrooms and beef) tasty and satisfying. Tofu Land keeps chilled raw eggs on the table and recommends breaking an egg into the hot stew (which it calls "soup" on the menu), advice that I followed. I really can't judge the kimchee, but Tofu Land put lots of plates on the table, including several kimchees,and clear noodles which I thought were very good. As far as I know, there are no other modestly priced Korean restaurants in the North Beach/Chinatown area. I'll certainly go back and I hope others try this place. I'd like to see it survive.