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Jan 17, 2002 02:55 PM

great cheap eats SOMA, Financial or Chinatown Districts

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I am looking for extraordinarly good and inexpensive take-out food (particularly Chinese) in SOMA, Financial District and perhaps Chinatown areas. Any ideas?

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  1. Well,

    Hun's Wun Ton House - Kearney at Clay
    I especially like Hun's Wun Ton House. For a few bucks you can get some really good soup and dumplings. I almost always order the #8 (shrimp, but I am sure there is pork and mushrooms in there.) I used sometimes to get a funny one where some spicy pork is served in one bowl and soup in another. Can't remember the number.

    Hong Kong Menu- Commercial?? btwn Montgomery and Commercial???
    This is very cheap and good. You have to sit at large tables with other (often gross) people. I like it.

    Golden Star - THE place for Pho, and good salad rolls, of of my family also liked the lemongrass shrimp.

    Washington Bakery - Wash St just above Kearney (and the park) Was introduced to this place by Melanie Wong from this board.
    Good duck noodle soup, less that $5 I think, chewey noodles, but not as good for shrimp dumpling soup as Hon's. Also very generous plate of salt and pepper shrimp, ($7.50 and would do for 3 or 4 as part of a meal, or two with soup), but quality varies with cook it seems to me--decent chow mein HK style. Nice people. They don't charge extra for crispy noodles, either. Have seen beautiful plates of pea sprouts.

    Oh-la-la, owned by the fabulous Bay Breads guy, has $2 sandwichs on good bread. I had the turkey cranberry, my friend loves the mushroom goat cheese, anyway a great snack.

    Do you know any great cheapie places in return?

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      At Hon's wonton: Don't forget to order the greasy beef curry. The best anywhere in the world IMHO.

    2. Just read your post again and saw the ToGo, part.

      The thing at Hon's is that you must ask for the broth to be in a separate container than the noodle/dumpling. They used to do this standard, but once they tried to put mine all together. Did I say there is no veg in the soup, so you need a side of chinese broccoli with oyster sauce?

      Also, Golden Star does it right for takeout. If you order PHO, it will come with a) a container of broth b) the meat and onions in a plastic bag, and 3) the garnish, bean sprout, lime, herbs.

      That way if you need to wait, you can reheat the broth till steaming, then add the meat and onion to the bowl. Sit down and add the condiments.

      1. For a good sandwich, I recommend the Lee's Delis, which are all over the financial district. The sandwichs are freshly made and are inexpensive. There is a good selection of fillings and breads/rolls. I especially like the turkey breast- 3 thick slices of REAL turkey breast. The line at the counter usually moves quickly as well.