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Jan 16, 2002 10:31 PM

Mendocino/Sonoma/Napa Valley restaurants

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One night in Mendocino, one night in Sonoma - what are the best restaurants? In the Napa Valley am I correct in assuming from the message board that Bistro Jeanty and Terra would be our best bets for the 2 nights we are there? My previous message mentioned 'moderate' as a requisite for suggestions. Forget it - just recommend great food.

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  1. I live here and if I could only go to one place I'd go to Terra. I do love Jeanty but Terra is my favorite as they treat their ingredients gently and with a lot of respect.
    I walked by Jeanty this evening (Wednesday)at 8:15 and there were two vacant tables for two in the front dining room and the community table was completely empty as well. All that means is in the middle of the week, in the middle of the winter, you can hang loose. If I express any negativity at all about Jeanty its because of the way they raised their prices by $4-5 per entree the minute Jeanty announced he was doing a place in San Francisco. I haven't eaten there in about six months but I've heard that their wines by the glass start at $9. But if money is no longer a consideration...
    And I'd still do lunch at Lucy's--its a sweet little place.


    1. What do you consider "best"?

      If money is not a consideration and you can pay someone or take the time yourself to sit on the phone to get a reservation, then French Laundry in Yountville.

      Try using the search engine to get the collective wisdom of Chowhound's archived messages on Mendocino, Sonoma and Napa.

      1. Mendicino - try the Albion River Inn restaurant - 5-10 minutes from downtown Mendicino. Parenthetically, there's a great brewery 10 minutes north in Ft. Bragg - North Coast.

        Sonoma - John Ash, Bistro Ralph, Glen Ellen Inn.

        Napa - Auberge, French Laundry, Jeanty/Bouchon, CIA - Greystone. Heard that Kuleto has a new place in St. Helena too, getting rave reviews.

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          I would second the Albion River Inn, as I used to cook there. Also good is the Cafe' Beaujolais & 955 Ukiah in Mendocino and the Booneville Hotel in Booneville. The Booneville Brewery across the street has world class beer which I heartily endorse, but I wouldn't recommend any of the food.

          1. re: RedRob

            So glad to hear that Cafe Beaujolais is still there -- it's been there forever!

            1. re: Kim Cooper

              Yep. The Beauj is still there, though I have heard some rumors that it's not quite as good since Chris & Margaret split up. I do know that the breads are as excellent as ever with my former bandmate Tim still cranking the loaves out of their wood-fired oven.

        2. Try Cafe La Haye in Sonoma. The food is excellent!