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Jan 16, 2002 09:46 PM

Desperate for claypot Bibimbop in San Francisco

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Help me, please! I just had some terrible Korean food in Japantown, and I don't want to eat like that again. I was told recently that Bibimbop can be prepared either warm or sizzling in a clay pot. I'd only had the clay pot version before tonight, and it's my favorite food in the world. Can anyone please suggest a good Korean place in San Francisco that will make it sizzle?

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  1. You gotta tell us where it was terrible! Recently i've been trying all the Korean places in J-town. So far Seoul Garden's clay pot bi bim bop has been the best ... oh wait, I had the seafood pot (don't remember the name) there. Anyway, it was pretty yummy.

    I just saw a new place in Chinatown called Tofu Something. It's all Korean tofu stews, the first Korean place in C-town apparantly. I plan to try it tomorrow.

    Anyway, so far the best bi bim bop I've had is at Dong Baek in the Tenderloin. Let me know what you think.

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      Look no further than Jang Soo BBQ in the Richmond at 28th & Geary. I had the same longings for claypot bebimbap, and I was utterly thrilled to have it at Jang Soo. They always seem to be empty, so spread the word! Everything they serve is excellent.


      1. re: Sashi

        Edward, On their web page did you see under specialties the "family" dinners? They sound great, maybe we could get a small group together to experience them. Meanwhile I'm heading over there for lunch.Thanks for the lead

        1. re: derek durst

          Sorry, It was Sashi who put in the website,,,thank you Sashi

        2. re: Sashi

          --Sashi, thank you so much for the tip. My girlfriend lives in the Richmond, so we'll be checking out Jang Soo very soon, if not sooner.

          --Edward, the place we didn't like in Japantown was actually that same Seoul Garden! But I guess I didn't order the clay pot, and that was the problem (the Jang Soo menu calls it Dol Sot Bibimbop--I guess I'll have to remember that).

          Thanks again, folks!