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Jan 16, 2002 07:51 PM

Weekend trip dining recommendations? Mendocino, Ukiah, Eureka areas?

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I'm planning a trip this weekend... going up towards Mendocino first, then perhaps up to the redwoods around Eureka, then down to Ukiah to check out some hot springs, then back to SF.

Actually, the itinerary isn't set in stone either, but that's what I'm thinking.

Any recommendations about where to eat and what places might be overrated that should be stayed away from?


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  1. In Arcata, north of Eureka are a couple of places that I like:
    Hole-in-the-Wall Sandwiches on 590 G Street make huge hot and cold sandwiches the likes of which I have not found elsewhere.
    Wildberries Marketplace(Grocery Store)at 747 13th Street has a wide range of fresh and prepared health foods.
    Los Bagels (Bagel Cafe) on 1061 I Street is a bustling bagel joint with good breakfast eats and funky atmosphere.

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    1. re: Ken hoffman

      In Eureka on C or D at 3rd is the Seagrill restaurant which is consistently good for seafood, esp. salmon, and has a great salad bar. Avalon is expensive but good and Hurricane Kate's is excellent too. North of Eureka at Trinidad is the Seascape Restaurant which has delicious seafood and pasta and homemade fresh fruit pies a la mode (blackberry, blue berry, etc.). Larrapin is also delicious but was for sale so don't know about it now. Enjoy the dunganess crab there too.

      1. re: Carol Clarke

        I ate at the Seascape in Trinidad over Christmas with my family and have done so from time to time over the years. The fish was dry and tasteless this last trip. The location is interesting but the food has never, in my experience, been worth the drive. Ditto for Gills by the bay in Fields Landing.

    2. I know from experience that The Waterfront in Old Town Eureka is pretty good and I have heard really good things about the restaurant in the Carter House B&B (Restaurant 301).

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      1. re: susan blair

        Is the Jamaica Cookhouse (name?) still there outside of Eureka? It was quite an experience.

        1. re: Kim Cooper

          If you mean the Samoa Cookhouse, it is still there, and the food is absolutely horrible.

          1. re: susan blair

            Yes, that's the one. Sorry to hear it's gone downhill-- the last time I was there (1987?) it was middle-American but very good.

      2. there are a couple of really good restaurants in mendocino, but way overpriced. nearly l.a./manhattan prices - $20 for plate of pasta? c'mon. i guess there's a reason why the locals call it "spendocino".

        but if you're so inclined, the best of the bunch moosse cafe at the blue heron inn. very pretty, modern-ish, scandinavian-ish kind of room with fresh and inventive daily specials.

        see link.


        1. I highly recommend Stevenswood Lodge in Mendocino for a special dinner. See my earlier post below.


          1. c
            Cyrus J. Farivar

            After spending a couple days in Mendicino several years ago, I recall coming across an amazing ice cream parlor on the main street, (I forget the name). I had there the best ice cream that I have ever had in the US. (Best ice cream is in Paris, Chez Berthillon, then in Modena, Italia). I recall walking out of the place with the amazing ice cream with my brother and my parents, then hopping the wooden railing across the street and filling my parents' two large coffee cups with fresh blackberries. Let me know if you find it, I'd love to go back there.