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Jan 16, 2002 03:40 PM

Sonoma eats?

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Have a post ZAP trip to Sonoma wine country coming up. Staying in Glen Ellen (Gaige House). Need good food recommendations for the area. Have eaten at Glen Ellen Inn (really good), Bistro Ralph (fantastic lamb burger) and John Ash (good) but that's about it. I noticed mention of the Cheese Board in Healdsburg -- any other reco's?

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  1. Try Equus Restaurant at the Fountaingrove Hotel in Santa Rosa. It's at the corner of Mendocino Ave. and Fountaingrove Parkway. The food and the ambiance is fabulous.

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      Frank Escobar

      In Healdsburg consider consider Zin. It is just northeast of the square. The two times I have been there the food has been excellent and the wine selection impressive.
      Most recently I went there for New Years' Eve. My steak was cooked perfectly blue rare, the french fries crispy and all the deserts were divine (I managed to sample all of them). It took me back to Relais et Entrecote in Paris.

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        Could you tell us more about what you'd recommend there that's "fabulous"? My experience there has been more mixed and I'd like to learn where the sure things are.

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        Hunger Strike

        The Girl and the Gaucho in Glen Ellen (pan-Latin, including tapas), and by the same owners, The Girl and the Fig (French Bistro) in Sonoma. GandF used to be in the GandG space in Glen Ellen, but moved to Sonoma and the owners used the space to open GandG. Ambience is certainly better at GandF and is a bit more formal (though I wouldn't describe it as formal at all), but both are wonderful. Last ate at them in early November.

        1. Hunter.

          You would totally enjoy the Healdsburg Chacuterie. The French "husband"/owner is the head chef in the kitchen, his wife is a flamboyant hostess/waitress with great sense of humor, their wine list is beautiful. We always try their specials and their meat dishes have perfect French clarity. I love their "Red Trout" with a Savory Tahini Sauce. Sounds weird but is splendid. 'Makes me want to go there, just thinking about it. Bon Appetit!

          1. A great hole in the wall in Glen Ellen is a little coffee shop run by a Finnish couple. They make a small selection of baked goods and have wonderful soups. It's on the other side of the street from the Gaige House and down a few blocks.

            1. Looks like you've got lots of dinner suggestions, so for breakfast or lunch, try The Garden Court Cafe. (13875 Sonoma Hwy, Glen Ellen) It has lovely views of the hills and is close to where you are staying. (Go north on Arnold Drive, then take a right when you hit Sonoma Hwy. Cafe on left.)

              If you have time after eating, there are beautiful trails in the regional park accross the street. The regional park also has a dog park, and The Garden Court Cafe is the only place I've been to with a separate menu for dogs.

              The human menu has well prepared standard breakfast fare, and several variations of eggs benedict. My favorite is 'the Sonoma' with chicken and avocado. There is also a lunch menu, but even when I've been there at lunchtime, I've ordered breakfast.

              Once a month- the first or second wednesday, the cafe hosts a theme dinner. There is one seating, and reservations are required. (small cafe!) The menu is seasonal, and is rumoured to be great fun. Worth asking about.