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Apr 20, 2005 11:10 AM

Good eats near Falling Water/Ohiopyle?

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Does anyone know of any good and interesting restaurants anywhere near Falling Water/Ohiopyle? Any kind or range of restaurant would be most, most welcome!!


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  1. We had good basic homestyle/diner type fare at the Stone House restaurant on Route 40 in Famington. For more upscale cuisine, check the offeringd at Nemacolin resort www.nemacolin. com

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      dimaros in uniontown, the intersection of pittsburgh st and south st

    2. If you're just looking for roadfood, try Molnar's on Rte. 51, a few miles south of the Elizabeth Bridge. Credible hot sausage, fish sanwiches, hundreds of beer choices. It's three pink trailers strung together.
      Nemocolin's restaurants are pricey and uninspired.
      There's a French restaurant in Hopwood, but it's gone downhill since it changed ownership a few yrs ago.
      Century Inn on 40 is charming. About 15 miles east of Washington, PA.