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Jan 16, 2002 01:18 PM

Fiddlehead Ferns

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Does anyone know if these are available anywhere?

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for reminding me of fiddleheads, which I ate as a kid in Maine. Not sure if they came from there, though. Also, if anyone knows where to get em, any suggestions for cooking them? I recall they were sauteed in garlic or something.

    1. These are a springtime thing. My mother sends me a huge bag every spring that she picks in New Hampshire. They are only around for a couple of weeks each year, though she always freezes some. I treat them the same way as spinach, either steamed or braised with garlic, cooked very briefly. My kids start to object after about three consecutive meals containing fiddleheads. I've never seen them around here.

      1. I haven't been around the Bay long enough, nor does my student budget have room for them, but I get them every year at home in LA, at the Santa Monica Farmer's Market (the one on 3d and Arizona, for Angelenos), from David, the mushroom guy. I don't know his farm's name, but he's at the east end on the south side. My mom fries them briefly in olive oil, and they're great. Sometimes she breads them in a little egg batter before frying them.

        1. If you're gonna find them around here, most likely it will be at Monterey Market in Berkeley...the other (but slightly less likely) possiblity is Berkeley Bowl...I'd call ahead to Monterey Market to see if they have them...something I've tried before to obtain obscure ingredients is calling a restaurant that I know uses the ingredient to see if 1) they'll sell me some out of the back door; or 2) tell you who their purveyor is...good luck

          1. i've found them for about the last 3 years at andronico's on irving. it's amazing for a huge market the things you can find. chuck is the produce manager and you can always call him personally and ask for a special order, he's great about getting things for me.