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Jan 16, 2002 12:26 PM


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What's your view of the food at Cobalt, in No. Beach at the former site of the WashBag? And, how does it compare to Jianna, around the corner, which I really like alot. Thanks.

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  1. I liked cobalt tavern a lot - great food. Desserts are a bit on the ordinary side. Personally, I liked the savory course at Cobalt more than Jianna, but prefer Jianna for desserts. But it's not too much of a difference.

    Looks like the judges at the Great Bay Area Chefs' Challenge cook-off picked the Cobalt Tavern chef over Jianna's. (see today's chron)

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      I thought I read that Jianni's chef was the winner, but it was a close call. Seems like no matter the victor, the winner is one who dines wisely at EITHER restaurant.

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        Oops - my bad - you're right.