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Jan 16, 2002 09:21 AM

Point Reyes Eats?

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We are visiting Bay area in February (thanks to Rochelle et al for restaurant recommendations). We are doing a day trip to Point Reyes, checking out Cowgirl Creamery and Hog Island etc. Where should we eat, either there, in the general vicinity or on the way? Anything else we should check out?


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  1. Last Wednesday I went to Point Reyes Station with visiting friends. We intended to eat at the Station House Cafe -- last time I was there (over a year ago) I had a wonderful oyster stew and a salad with a surprisingly good fat-free dressing.

    The restaurant was closed, as was most of the town. Seems that in the winter, most places open up only on weekends. We ended up eating at a place across the street and around the corner with a nice outdoor patio and a menu that leaned toward Mexican. That place is OK if it's the only thing open in town, otherwise I'd eat elsewhere.

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      My favorite spot is the Pine Cone Diner on 60 - 4th Street. The Cowgirl Creamery is right across the street. This diner is very homey with a counter and booths but is not a greasy spoon. Homemade pies, great milkshakes - they grind up real coffee beans into their coffee shakes, it's all good. And the Bovine Bakery on Main St. is also worth a visit.

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        Actually, I really like Cafe Reyes, the Cal/Mex place on the corner as you come into town. They have a nice back patio overlooking the hills, and good burritos, nachos, etc. Tomales Bay Foods, a big barn-type place, sells local Cowgirl Creamery cheeses (as well as a small but well-chosen selection of British and Euro cheeses), plus bread, wine, and a small selection of prepared foods. Pine Cone is good for breakfast--I've heard they do more upscale stuff for dinner, but haven't tried it. If you want a fancy dinner, try Manka's in Inverness, or for something funkier, try Vladimir's Czech restaurant, also in Inverness. A pretty little spot for a picnic (if it's not too cold) is Heart's Desire beach--it's on the Tomales Bay side, so it's generally warmer and less windy than the oceanside Pt.Reyes beaches.

        1. re: dixieday
          Nathan Landau

          It's been a while since we've been out there, but to me Station House Cafe always represented what California cuisine was supposed to be. Local ingredients--often with identified sources--simply but well-prepared, in an atmosphere of no pretension (this has not held up quite as well).

      2. re: Sharuf

        Station House Cafe, if it's open. Fabulous!

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          I wouldn't say fabulous, but adequate. I can never understand ( and for years I have asked around) with some of best oysters in the world not ten miles away, no one serves Hog Island oysters (at least fried). Even Tony's, almost next door, serves Washington fried oysters. If the Station would serve HI oysters instead of those large, drecky out-of-state monsters, it could be fabulous.

      3. The bakery right next door to the creamery is excellent. They bake in a wood-fired oven -- wonderful stuff.

        Cowgirl Creamery's cheeses are great -- I particularly like their Red Hawk. There's also another great artisan cheese made in Point Reyes -- Point Reyes Original Blue. That cheese should also be available at the creamery -- try to get a taste -- I really love the stuff. The Point Reyes cheesemaker came there from Newton, Iowa, home of my other favorite American blue cheese, Maytag.

        Have fun and please report back if you find any new and wonderful foods up there.


        1. z
          Zach Georgopoulos

          My favorite is up Hwy 1 from Pt. Reyes Station, in Marshall -- Tony's. Marshall basically consists of Tony's, a pier, and a couple of houses. Sadly, I think it might be closed most of the winter (but I'm not sure). Barbecued oysters, really good chowder, fresh fish. Very simple fare. There are also a couple of good places in Olema, but I can't remember their names...