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Apr 3, 2005 11:59 AM

Thoughts on Lancaster PA

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Hi Everyone,

I haven't been here in a while, but its nice to
see so many people from in and around Lancaster
PA posting. This is my first post. I've lived
in the area for a while now, and thought I'd post
a few of my favorites that I haven't seen discussed

1. Bube's Brewery: Bottling works. This place
is small, and somewhat dingy, and the service
is spotty. However, if you like Buffalo wings,
I think theirs are the best in Lancaster, and at
only $3.95 for a dozen with celery and homemade
blue cheese dressing, a bargain. Their flower
tortilla taco salad is also great, as is their
mediterranean (sp?) salad.

2. For Asian, there is a place in Centerville
called Asian Cafe, right off of the rt. 30
exit. They have a great variety of Japanese,
Thai, Chinese, and wonderful Sushi. Everything
I've tried there has been excellent.

3. Sai Gon Cafe. If you like Vietnamese, this
place is great. It is on Rt. 72 in the shopping
center just north of the rt. 30/283 intersection.
across from the Saturn Dealership.

Thats all for now....

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  1. I forgot to mention two things.

    Bube's brewery is in Mt. Joy. And,
    the spring rolls at Sai Gon Cafe are

    1. We have a few regular Lancaster posters. I have never been to the Vietnamese place you mentioned. I did not even know it was there. I long miss lanvina on Columbia Ave so I will have to get up there. I'm glad you like Bube's but I have never been impressed. To me much more of a bar type place that is always smoky and loud.

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      1. re: MikeW

        The vietnamese place only opened within the
        past year or so. The owner has a place in
        York as well, but just opened this one. It
        is a very small place, but the menu is pretty
        extensive. Let me know if you need better
        directions. Its definately worth a try if you
        like Vietnamese.

        I agree that Bube's can be hit or miss. However,
        every now and then I get the mood for some good
        wings and a good beer, and this place does the
        trick. Lately I've gone on Saturday or Sunday for
        lunch since it isn't as crowded.


        1. re: sballard

          Would appreciate directions to the Vietnamese place as I'll be in Lancaster this Friday/Sat.


          1. re: SLO

            Where will you be coming from?

            The restaurant is in a shopping center
            on Rt 72 (Manheim Pike), just north of route 283
            where Granite Run Drive intersects with
            72. There is an Issacs, Subway, a Kentucky Fried
            Chicken, and a handful of other stores in
            at the shopping center. Saigon Cafe is
            towards the far left of the strip of stores
            right next to a hobby shop. Let me know if
            you need me to be more specific.

            I haven't been there for dinner, but have had
            many a lunch there. You have to try the spring
            rolls. Also good is the Pork and Shrimp Noodle
            soup, the Beef Stew, and the vietnamese pork hoagie
            on french bread.


            1. re: sballard

              Staying at the Holiday Inn in Lancaster ...
              Thanks for the directions.

        2. re: MikeW

          There's still a Lanvina on the Lincoln Highway, near Blockbuster and CVS. At least, there was a year ago. I think there's also a new Vietnamese place near Howard Johnson's (the place with the new indoor waterpark) on the Lincoln Highway. I haven't tried it though.

        3. f
          Fool for Food

          Thanks for the rec's on the Vietnamese and Asian Cafe. I've never been to either and will have to try them out. Have you ever been to Lanvina in Bridgeport (East end of Lancaster)? They have great Vietnamese, I wonder how they compare to the place you recommended.
          By the way, ate at Carrs for lunch on Tuesday. Above average but not quite first rate in my book. I was disappointed with the Margarita I had. Best Margarita I've had in Lanco was at Lily's on the Main in Ephrata.

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          1. re: Fool for Food

            I've heard good things about Lanvina, but was
            never 100% sure where it was at until I happened
            to drive by it last weekend. I'll have to give
            it a try. From the outside, Lanvina looks a little
            more formal than Saigon Cafe. The Cafe is rather
            small, and very informal. Similar to Little Saigon
            near Harrisburg if you've ever been there.

            I've had a lunch and dinner at Carrs. For dinner,
            I had several appetizers as my meal, and they were
            all very good. The appetizer pizza and the creme
            brule stick out in my mind as being very good. My
            wife had an excellent Sashimi Tuna salad for lunch.

            I think for our next "nice" dinner we are going to
            give Mazzi a try. Anyone ever been there?