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Jan 15, 2002 10:13 PM

Plate Lunches in San Pablo/ L&L BBQ

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Was driving around and came across a recently opened business in the town of San Pablo. Just past the International Marketplace. It's L & L Hawaiian Barbecue ....their brochure boasts of their award winning BBQ and plate lunches. Anybody know of them?....I already had lunch but I was curious if this was a find or not.


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  1. Sorry I am lurking on the SF board I'm actually from the Portland area - but I have been to the L&L's in Hawaii and if you are looking for what the locals eat in Hawaii this is the place to go. Great plate lunches and big servings - it is not haute cuisine - buts it's the kind of food I miss now that I live on the mainland. So go there and enjoy a teri- beef plate for me! I think you will hear from other ex-pat Hawaiians that this place is very ono!