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Mar 30, 2005 03:19 PM

Cheesesteak!! Pat's or Gino's?

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If this is the last cheese steak sandwich you could ever eat. which one would you choose? pat's or gino's?

if you choose neither please let me know where.. why?


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  1. Neither. The steaks are not particularly good compared to the better places, especially the quality of the meat. Go to Tony Lukes on Oregon Ave. Or Chinks on Torresdale Avenue in the Northeast. Or Delassandros on Wendover St. All will provide a superior steak, IMHO. Johns Roast Pork on Snyder is also supposed to make a great steak but I haven't been yet, but I'd probably get the roast pork if I did.

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    1. re: Ellen

      I have tried john's steak and it is pretty good.

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        I disagree. Geno's makes one of my favorite steaks. John's is probably the best. Pat's is OK but not one of my favorites. Tony Luke's, Dalessandro's, and Chink's all make great steaks but are outdone by Geno's and John's IMHO. By the way, I've had the pork at John's. It's good, but not better than Tony Luke's. If I had to get one thing at John's it'd be the cheesesteak.

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          Ellen is correct, Pat's and Gino's are OK at best. More of a cultural experience than anything else. For the cheesesteak of life one must go to Delassandros.I haven't been to Ellen's other recommendations. Whenever I come home to Philly from the midwest, Delassandros is a must and the sooner the better. Been to John's and thought it was overrated.

          1. re: BillyfromPhilly

            Sorry, but I beg to differ about Dallesandro's steaks. I have had many many Dalessandro's steaks because I live in the neighborhood. I don't think they make a great steak. It's mediocre at best. It tends to be dry. Not that I like oily steaks, but dry is horrible too. Plus, the onions have no taste.

            In my opinion, a great steak has to have carmelized onions. Onions that are cooked long enough to bring out their natural sugars and turn sweet. They enhance the steak immeasurably. A steak cannot be great unless the onions are great. Unfortunately, Dallesandro's doesn't cook their onions long enough to make this happen.

            I have not had a Geno's or Pat's steak in years. However, if I were in that area of town, and I wanted to solve the age old question of which is better, I would simply get a steak from each place, taste both and make up my own mind and not ask someone else whose preferences may be completely different than mine to tell me which one they like.

            1. re: BillyfromPhilly

              The gentleman is correct. One need not look further than Delassandros for the best Cheesesteak in Philly. Pat's and Gino's are for the tourists. Delessandro's is for the hometown cheesesteak lover.


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            1. Hi,
              I personally vote for Pat's, and think that their steaks are much better than Geno's. Get the cheese fries as well!

              1. I almost always get one from Pat's AND one from Geno's (sic) though I prefer Pat's if for no other reason than Rocky's boss Gazzo was eating there when he gave Rocky $500.00 training money. Since they are right across the street from each other, it's convenient to hit both. There will ALWAYS be lots of people who both love and hate any place you can mention.

                I really like Steve's Prince of Steaks (see far more than Pat's or Geno's. If Pat's or Geno's were down here in Washington, DC they'd make a fortune as even though they are just okay by Philly standards, they are much better than anything down here (IMO, as again, many will love AND hate all D.C. cheesesteak places).



                1. Pat's and Geno's both are highly overrated. The meat can slide right off a bed of whiz leaving you with an empty roll.

                  IMO, a cheesesteak should have the meat chopped up with a metal spatula on the grill, and the cheese should be blended into the whole thing.

                  John's is a HUGE sandwich, nicely seasoned on an incredible seasoned Caranga bakery roll. If you fnd a steak on either Sarcone's on Caranga or Conshohocken Bakery roll, eat it with no questions. You will not be disappointed.

                  D'Allesandro's in Roxborough is great if they are NOT BUSY !! Otherwise, you get a bunch of steamed grey meat. I prefer Chubby's across the street for the Ribeye meat alone.

                  I'm dying to try Sonny's Famous on 2nd and Market. They are rumoured to slice the ribeye fresh daily !! Anyone tried them ???

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                    Sonny's has a great cheesesteak. The cheese is put on the roll before the meat, but if you get it to go, it will be all blended together by the time you eat it.

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                      Sonny's is good - about on a par with Jim's, not up to John's level.

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                        Just like in Brewster's Million's, I vote None of the Above.

                        In terms of "commerical" cheesesteaks (the famous places), Jim's blows both Geno's and Pat's away.

                        However, if I could only have one more cheesesteak in my life, I would head across the bridge to Maple Shade, NJ and go to Yellow Submarine. Growing up in South Jersey, Yellow Sub was my place of choice. I happened to be back in the area on business a month ago and stopped there for lunch. The cheesesteak was as good as I remembered (if not better).

                        Yellow Sub is more than generous with the amount of meat on the steak and they melt the American cheese perfectly. An 8" mini was more than enough to satisfy my hunger.

                        If, by some odd chance, Yellow Sub was closed on that fateful day, my second choice would be Gaetano's.

                        1. re: Webmaster
                          Hal Takahashi

                          So where should I go to get a great Cheesesteak if I'll be in Philly for 3 days with no rental car? I'd say I'll be staying at a hotal on 17th and Race. Email me!