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Jan 15, 2002 09:43 PM

Good Restaurant near Curran Theatre

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We're looking for moderate-priced good food near the Curran Theatre (on Geary between Mason/Taylor). Would love recommendations for good French, Italian or Vietnamese.

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  1. When we had Act season tickets, we found a great, hidden Japanese restaurant on the corner of Geary and Mason (can't get much closer). Forgot the name, but it is downstairs. Very reasonable, and very good. Ergo, it will be crowded, so go a little early to make the curtain. They have a very popular sushi float counter.

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      The Japanese Restaurant is called "Sushi Bune" (sushi boat in english)--very reasonable and decent. If you want some local color (if not a bit funky, and very cheap) there is an amazing Pakistani place just south of Geary on Taylor (I think...)

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        re: Pakistani on geary and taylor - I believe you're refering to Shalimar, an excellent and very cheap place. Good stuff.

        Next to Shalimar is Dottie's True Blue Cafe - a wonderful place for breakfast/brunch.

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          Yes, Shalimar! Thanks. Dotties is one of the best breakfast places in the city (not to mention the cool chandaliers).

          Missing SF!


    2. Last week, I had occasion to go to a business dinner at La Scene, which is the small dining room in the Warwick Regis Hotel [on Geary, across the street from the Four-Seasons-Clift-Asia-de-Redwood-Room-whatever-it's-called]...I was pleasantly surprised...roast chicken with crisp skin, on a mound of sauteed greens, and a few nicely, crisply roasted potatoes along the side...simple but tasty...and right by the theatre...since it was my only experience there, you might want to check out the menu for yourself first, but I enjoyed my meal there.

      1. My vote goes to Le Colonial. There's been some varying reviews on this board, but I have had consistently excellent food, and great service (for example, we ordered a very moderately priced wine, but from experience, I knew this particular bottle needed some air - asked for a decanter, and we were quickly brought a Riedel decanter and glasses!)

        We usually don't order "entrees", but several appetizers and sides ($8 -10 each). Most are really large portions, and I think they do better with appetizers and sides than with entrees.

        The Ahi Tuna Salad is exceptionally good, as are the salad rolls and salt & pepper calamari (they are very light and not at all greasy - a big plus in my book). For sides, you MUST NOT miss the french green beans - they are the most delicious green beans I have ever eaten!

        If you have more than 2 people, order the appetizer platter for 2 - it's huge, and way more than 2 can eat - for $27, it better be! But it's perfect for 3 - 4, and then supplement that with a couple of appetizers.

        The wine list is all over the place - there are some wines that are totally overpriced, and others which are quite fair.

        The one dessert we always get to share amongst 3+ is the banana split - 4 scoops of homemade ice creams - last night it was a lemony sorbet of some sort, bittersweet chocolate, coconut, and french vanilla ice creams. The bananas are carmelized but still firm, served with creme anglaise and brandied cherries. ummmm.... just drooling thinking about it.

        1. Kuleto's on Powell between O'Farrelll & Geary. Excellent northern Italian food, absolutely everything is made in house including desserts, breads, aioli, even pancetta! Call ahead for reservations, especially on the weekend or in time for the theater. They do serve food at the bar without reservations, but I wouldn't count on that.