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Mar 27, 2005 07:55 AM

Great Chinese in Montgomery County

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Has anyone found any great Chinese in Montgomery County? Particularly interested in good vegetarian choices. Have lived here 6 years and are still looking.

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  1. Sang Kee Duck House from Chinatown has opened an outpost (Sang Kee Asian Bistro) in Wynnewood by the Whole Foods Market.My meal was as good as the 9th Street location.

    1. I live in Lansdale and good Chinese is hard to find. I would say that Abacus (in the Valley Forge Shopping Center) is good. The food isn't the typical gloppy stuff that is disgusting, they're Singapore Noodles are very good. Their sister restaurant, Yantze, in the shopping center at Rte 63 and Forty Foot Rd is also pretty good as well. We went into the Dumpling House right on Main St at Broad and the dumplings were very good but my typical dish was pretty bad, plus it's a dive. A friend recently told me about a Chinese/Japanese restaurant in a shopping center at Rte 611 and Bristol Rd. in Warminster, but I can't remember the name. I would avoid Golden City on Rte 309 unless you can read and/or speak Chinese. They have a huge Chinese menu and clientele but the americanized menu is pretty bad. Good luck!

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        What makes the Golden City on 309 in Colmar, just north of the railroad tracks, is the chinese menu. The standard suburban - general tao's chicken etc. is not that good. BUT, if you order off the chinese menu the food rivals Chinatown. The owner are accommodating and will translate and expalin the dish and will alter it to your preferences. in sum, A good place to experiment. I have had a snail dish there in a black bean sauce, which was very good. Not the place to go if you're hankering for a familiar taste.

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          Thanks Ken, that is always what I've heard. Any rec's from the Chinese menu? I don't want to try anything TOO outlandish but I have always wanted to try authentic Chinese food because I hear it is so good. Any suggestions would be appreciated. It's good to know I can go in and they'll help me out too, it's very near where I live.

      2. I second the choice of Abacus in Lansdale.
        East Cuisine is a good one in Broad Axe. It's at the intersection of Skippack Pike (Rte.73) and Butler Pike. It has Chinese and Japanese.

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          While I had one really good meal at East Cuisine about 2 years ago, recently I went back and everything was really bad. I was pretty shocked. Could have been an off night, I suppose but I don't think I'll try that place again until I get some positive reviews to sway me.

        2. I'm a big fan of Lai Lai Garden in Norristown. It's on 202 between Germantown Pike and 73.

          1. yantze! you have to go. it is simply divine. as another said, it's abacus in lansdale's sister location, but i think it's better and more intimate.

            when you go, ask for a vegetarian spring roll. they're small and crispy and stuffed with napa, carrots and mushrooms.