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Mar 24, 2005 04:36 PM

Chester County Jewish Deli - Are there any?

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Can anyone recommend a good Jewish Deli in Chester County? We're in Phoenixville and recently dined at Isaac's in Lionville/Exton after someone recommended it. Isaac's is as much a Jewish Deli as The Olive Garden is an Italian restaurant.

Help. Where can we find a good matzoh ball?!

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  1. I think the closest would be Michael's Deli in King of Prussia (on 202 past the malls on the left in the shopping center that also has Bed, Bath, and Beyond). They do lost of catering as well, especially around Passover.

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    1. re: JenniferG
      Philly girl stuck in Lancaster

      Isaacs isn't even a deli. Its a sandwich shop....non-Jews don't seem to understand the distinction.

      Anyway, there aren't many. Don't be swayed by Hymie's in Bala (Montgomery County). A styled-Jewish deli, but again, falls flat.

      1. re: Philly girl stuck in Lancaster

        I don't know any place to send you to in Chester County, but if you're ever in the Northeast section of Philadelphia, you might want to stop at Jack's Deli on Bustleton Avenue.

        I haven't been there in a long time, but I remember it as being pretty authentic. I can always tell if a place is "authentic" (meaning a real Jewish deli) by just breathing in deeply as soon as I walk into the place. The smell alone will tell the story for me. And I've never been wrong yet.

        There was a time that the northeast was loaded with real Jewish deli's. I grew up in that area, and you could go anywhere on Castor Avenue or Bustleton Avenue and walk into any place that said deli on the sign and get great stuff. Now that the neighborhood is much different, I'm sure that most or all of them are long gone. I haven't been back to that area myself for years.

        1. re: Alexis

          When I said Authentic Jewish Deli in my original post I was imagining Jack's on Bustleton. My father grew up not too far from Jack's and we enjoyed numerous meals there throughout my childhood. I haven't been back there in ages and assume I am asking a bit too much for a replica out here in the boonies ;)

          I guess NE Philly is the true mecca of Jewish Delis - outside of NYC that is!

      2. re: JenniferG

        They seem to cater to the older Jewish community in King of Prussia pretty well. They have good non Jewish food/sandwiches and a great take out beer selection as well.

        1. re: Josh KoP

          Agreed - Michael's beer selection is fabulous. About the best selection of imports outside of the city that I've come across.

        2. re: JenniferG
          Jersey City Mods

          I agree Michael's is the only thing in the area remotely resembling a "New York" Jewish deli...

          However, I have heard from someone who used to work at Michaels that they treat the food with shall we say "less respect" on the weekends when the manager is not there. (Therefore, I would go M-F 9-5 when the manager IS there).

          Someone else I work with (who works nights at Tower and used to eat there practically every day) also thought it went downhill.

          So maybe you are better of going to the Famous Deli on 4th and Bainbridge although I have never actually tried the food there.

          1. re: Jersey City Mods

            Good to know, Jennifer. I think I'll avoid Michael's now that I'm aware of the less than professional activities going on there. Blech.

            You know, I was never that impressed by Famous on 4th. It's *ok* but not nearly as good as some other delis I've been to.

            That reminds me - while I used to really like Ben and Irvs in Montgo, the last time I ate there I got violently ill as did a friend who ate there another time. A word to the wise...

        3. The only restaurant that comes close (and not that close) is Hello Deli in Exton. It's in the strip mall behind TGIFridays. If you want a corned beef special, it's OK.

          1. Other than Michael's in KOP, yo have Mrs. Marty's in Broomall (Delaware County, but not too far).