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Mar 15, 2005 01:23 PM

Recommendations for Harrisburg?

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We'll be in Harrisburg this weekend. Any good restaurants there? Please advise!

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  1. Not sure what you are looking for exactly in price point or cuisuine, but in no particular order here are some suggestions of places I have been and are good:
    In downtown Harrisburg
    Stocks on 2nd - Innovative American menu, entrees around $20
    The Firehouse - Get the wings and a black martini, wont be disappointed. Upscale bar/restaurant menu.$15-$25 entrees
    The Spot: Get a Spot dog or if your feeling adventurous get "The Rendell" sandwich. $cheap

    Tavern on the Hill: Steak and Seafood menu, world class winelist. $25-30
    Hotel Hershey Circular dining room: contemporary American $spendy
    Camp Curtain BBQ station: Very very good BBQ,

    Prices are from memory as its been a little while since I've been to some of the places. I am from Harrisburg, but live in Philly now.

    Post if your looking for something in particular or have any questions.

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    1. re: Zaq

      We were in Harrisburg two weeks ago.

      Unfortunately Camp Curtain was closed for the season so you might want to call first. We went to a very casual Texas BBQ place called Freemans in New Cumberland across the river. We enjoyed the brisket sandwich, but it will not be anything special if you are coming from somewhere with good BBQ.

      Checkout the Broadstreet Market if you have some spare time. The butchers made me wish that I had access to a kitchen during our stay. Although they were a little disorganized, the fish sandwich place had good sandwiches.

      The beer wasn't bad at the Appalachian Brewery, but don't be go there for the food. We thought that the mains we had were fairly bland (crabcakes and a st patrick's special).

      1. re: Zaq
        Philly girl stuck in Lancaster

        Avoid the Firehouse....nasty, and NOT upscale at all.

        However, I agree with Hill, Hershey and Stocks. Never tried Spot, though. Will have to try...who doesn't love chili dogs.

        If looking for a cheap lunch, avoid Neato Burrito as well. Not so Neato....and really shouldn't even be called a burrito.

        1. re: Zaq

          I am positive "the spot' hotdog place closed at the begining of the summer.

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          Cassie Bennett

          Shar's Bella Munda was excellent- really one of the better restaurants I have ever been to. We were recently out that way for a meeting- and had ana amazing dinner there.

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          1. re: Cassie Bennett

            Thank you so much, everyone who weighed in on this question. I thought I might not get any replies. Where is Shar's Bella Munda and what's the price range and the cuisine? I couldn't pull anything out of Google.

          2. I always like Garrasons Downtown for really good steaks. Also I like McGrath's Pub for the Irish Food and the bar is fun for drinks.

            1. Have to disagree with the Stock's recommendation--their menu alone is a total turnoff--salmon "oceaned in a sauce of..." whatever. too cute by half and not good enough food to make it bearable.

              Char's Bellamundo is by far the best restaurant around. very expensive and worth it. we moved from nyc and thought it lived up to our nyc food snobbery.

              also in downtown across from the governor's mansion is Da Pits. I was initially skeptical, and can't say i am a BBQ connesieur, but their ribs are perfectly good and consistent. very casual dining and great for takout.

              Across the river in camp hill you can try 2201 on Market St. which is new and pretty good. expensive for dinner but totally reasonable for lunch. not enough goat cheese on the goat cheese salad and sort of bizarre chili vinagrette but they are on the right track and get credit for trying. i am hoping they will only get better.

              pizza grille is a casual reasonable BYOB. salads are good and pizza too.

              davis' ice cream in dillsburg (on rt. 114) is amazing. dairy queen type soft ice cream but 10 thousand times better. a walk-up/drive thru place with animals in the back and produce in the summer tons of different sundaes and blend-ins and also raekstrews hard ice cream too.

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              1. re: courtney

                I also disagree with the Stocks recommendation- Just there last night and we had so-so service and food that was pretty disappointing.