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Jan 15, 2002 09:20 AM


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First time user so pardon any minor faux pas. I saw Anthony Bourdain participated in this forum, pretty cool. I have a question about julienning thinly sliced prosciutto. Does anyone know of any tricks to keep the finely julienned strips from sticking so firmly together? Thanks.

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  1. Hi Bill, Welcome to Chowhound. One quick pointer about posting. After you've got your post just the way you want it (by following the instructions that tell you your message hasn't posted yet, which allows you to edit if you choose) and you are ready to "post and go to your message", click on that and then be patient. It will post, but if you click more than once you'll get a duplicate of your post on the board. Click three times, triplicate, etc. Just be a little patient, and all will be well. Most of us have posted our share of "duplicates" or more.

    Sorry, I don't know the answer to your prosciutto question but I hope you get one. Pat

    1. Bill - try freezing it for a bit, and then slicing it. Works great for most meats that you need to thinly slice.