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Chinese New Year

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When is Chinese New Year this year? Is anyone interested in organizing a New Year feast for a pack of Hounds who want to enjoy an authentic Chinese New Year dinner (not necessarily on the eve itself)? I regret I don't know enough about the traditions surrounding the celebration to plan the event myself. (But I do love that fat choy seaweed.)

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  1. I'd love to experience a true Chinese New Year Banquet, so I join Pia in hoping someone with more knowledge about where to go, and what to order will help put this together! It sounds like it has the potential to be a very joyous New Years celebration. (does anyone know which animal will represent this coming new year?)

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      I, too would be happy to join the tables of a Chinese New Year banquet, especially with some guidance in tradition and taste. This year is the year of the horse, I believe.

    2. This year New Year's Eve is on Feb. 11th. And it is indeed the year of the horse.

      1. My partner Bill and I would be interested in attending.

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          Burke and Wells

          Count Burke and I in! Let us know.


          Link: http://www.burkeandwells.com

          1. count me in.... yumm... looking forward to a good golden dumpling(dumplings made with egg as wrapper) soup. Are we going to a resturant that has chinese new year banquets? I can scan through the chinese papers to see if there are any resturants offering that. Or are we going to a specific resturant? Lastly, can we made it on a weekend?

            1. i'm of no help either with customs but if there's any other way i could help i'm glad to. and please count me in, i've been in a chowhound dinner withdrawal lately!

              1. I'm a new 'hound, and I'd love to come, if I can! (I've been on the boards every day since I found you... I'm having a baby in about four weeks, and I look forward to having a source of at least virtual dining about town once I become a full-time milk machine. And it would be great to meet some of you before that happens!)

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                  What an exciting time for you! Will you be able to hold out to have a little Horse? (g) Btw, I posted a reply to your lobster sauce post.

                2. I've reserved a table at R&G Lounge on Tuesday, 1/22 for a banquet and fundraiser. Will work out the menu details and post here.

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                    Great! I should be able to make it, though my favorite dining buddy will be busy.

                    Will we have the famous stuffed chicken or peking duck? If you are ordering shark's fin, please don't place an order for me. I used to love the stuff--and miss it a lot--but, like Limster, I know that certain creatures have been perilously overfished. (And, having dived with those magnificent creatures, I'd rather see the fin on the shark, than on a platter.)

                    1. re: Pia

                      Ah, another shark's fin abstainer. Even worse than the overfishing is the waste -- lots of times they just hack off the fin and dump the dead or dying shark back in the water. If you are going to kill it, the least you can do is eat it!

                      1. re: Ruth Lafler

                        The sharks are dumped back in the water because weight for weight, sharks meat is worth les than the prized fins. It;s unfortunate, not only in the ecological dimension, but also because sharks meat is actually quite wonderful - think a more steaky kind of skate or ray. Haven't had sharks meat for many years. Last fin I had was over 2 and a half years ago.

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                          Shark really is excellent, even for people like me who aren't big fish eaters, since as you described the flesh is firm, meaty and fairly mild, and if I recall correctly doesn't have a lot of (any?) bones.

                          The last time I ate shark my neighbor brought me some steaks from leopard sharks he had caught in the Bay, marinated in a little lime juice and broiled -- delicious! But shark is on the Seafood Watch avoid list:

                          "Most sharks reproduce slowly, and cannot sustain high levels of fishing. Demand for shark meat—and directed fishing for sharks—have increased greatly in the last few decades. Many sharks are killed just for their fins, used in shark-fin soup. Millions of sharks also die as bycatch in gear set for other kinds of fish. However, due to a lack of research, the status of most shark populations is unknown to management agencies. Considering all these factors together, we avoid buying shark and shark products."