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Jan 14, 2002 05:39 PM

Russian River eats

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Any suggestions? Especially for a romantic dinner for two?


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  1. Here's a post on one of my favorites in the area. Not sure what your idea of romance is, but this could certainly fit the bill if you have the right partner. (g) Lodging is also available.


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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      A question via email -"Hey Melanie I saw your post on "Farmhouse in Forrestville". I will be
      San Rafeal this weekend and need a place to drink old burgundy('93
      groffier over the hill? I'm drinking '94's saving '93 and how great was
      the Perrier? We talk burgundy another time perhaps) with my wife. So
      where is this place and is it near San Rafael, we have a rental car.
      lastly, will we be able to get in with no resv. at this late time? If
      not, any other recommendations?"

      The Farmhouse is on River Road (exit off 101) in Forestville which is in between the towns of Santa Rosa and Guerneville. 707 area code. it would be about 45 mins. from San Rafael. January is a slow month in the wine country but this weekend is the Winter Wineland festival in RRV. In the past local restaurants have organized winemaker dinners for the weekend and it may be hard to get into some of them. Best to call ahead.

      Please note that the wines we consumed that evening were from our own cellars. I don't have any local recommendations for restaurant wine lists with old Burgundies.

      Remember that Groffier is a fan of new wood, which matures the wine faster. Also, this was a Chambolle-Musigny and starts off as a more supple and approachable wine. I opened a third bottle a couple of months ago, and unfortunately, it was a victim of TCA.

    2. The Union Hotel in Occidental is a lovely backroad ride through the redwoods from the Russian River area. They have the greatest raviolis. Everything is served family style and comes with antipasta, minestrone, bread, raviolis (which comes with all other entrees). I usually just order their 'standard' ravioli dinner/lunch, cause by the time the entree arrives, it's time for a doggie bag. Since moving from Sonoma County in 1980, we make several trips a year to Sonoma County and the Mendo coast and try to plan a stop on the way back to the Union Hotel for the ravs. There's a funky bar for before dinner and bakery serving good pies and coffee on the premises too! Nothing fancy, but always a treat.

      Union Hotel
      3703 Main St.
      Occidental, CA
      (707) 874-3555