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Jan 14, 2002 05:31 PM

Advance planning for BBQ tasting

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Okay, SF Chowhounds, we're going to try to make this happen.

I've been reading about how they did it in LA (and I'll get in touch with the organizer for more detailed tips/suggestions).

They compiled a list of places they wanted to rate, then people who RSVP'd they were coming were assigned a place off the list in their general geographic area to bring BBQ from. I believe they got both ribs (pork, I assume) and brisket from each place, and medium sauce (or hot, if only hot and mild were offered).

So while the details of time/date/place are being ironed out, we need to compile a master list.

Since will be a contest, limit yourself to *one* place (of course if someone has already suggested your favorite, you can use that as an opportunity to put in a plug for different place).

I thought about doing this by e-mail, but why deprive the board of a really comprehensive list of all the best 'cue in the Bay Area?

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    Rochelle McCune

    Sign Michael & I up for Memphis Minnie's

    What about sides? Should we bring any?

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    1. re: Rochelle McCune

      Now this, I am down with. Hopefully more info will follow?


      1. re: Rochelle McCune

        "of course, we could also call up the rendezvous in memphis and have them fed ex some out! ; )"

        Great idea! maybe after a judgement is rendered, several more tastings could take place comparing Bay Area samples with regional fare from farflung places. Perhaps regional boards around the country (world?) could conduct tastings, and those judged 'best' by each region's tasters could be shared nationwide. Expect two of us, and I will bring Rob's Rib Shack or Terry's Southern BBQ.

        This is just the kind of info I would look for in Chow News.


        1. re: MarkB

          Count two more in - we're East Bay folks so let us know what to bring - we're near E&J, Doug's, Flint's (both locations).

          And yes, this is perfect ChowNews info - stay tuned!


      2. I'll bring some ribs from Bobby's Backdoor BBQ in Richmond. What day are we thinking of for this extravaganza? Something other than a Saturday night would be best for me...

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        1. re: gordon wing

          We're still working on logistics, but it looks like we'll probably be doing a Sunday, early evening.

        2. I'm there...!

          Put me down to bring Big Nate's...

          1. Since people are getting ahead of the process by assigning themselves BBQ stops, I'll just clarify that you don't have to commit to the tasting to nominate your favorite 'cue.

            Right now I'd just like to compile a list of favorite BBQ joints (although the commitments made have been duly noted!).

            Love the enthusiasm, though!

            1. So far, I've only tried the various Everett and Jones so I don't really have a fave. But I'd love to try all the different places out there. Depending on the date and time, I volunteer to bring E&J from the San Pablo and University location!