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Jan 14, 2002 02:23 PM

Goat Hill Pizza - Would Like Details on All You Can Eat Night

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Rochelle McCune just mentioned Goat Hill Pizza's all you can eat Monday nights for $8. I've never been but have heard about it for awhile. I believe it's in Potrero Hill (on Mariposa?).

What are the details? How does it work? Is parking difficult? Are there all you can eat other things along with it like salad, breadsticks, or soda?

And most importantly what kind of pizza is there?

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    I have not yet been. I was having tea yesterday with some friends at Lovejoy's which is quite nice. Anyway, we were talking about our restaurant to do lists and how now we're all trying to save money for various reasons so now we're looking for good, cheap (or reasonable) eats.

    A couple of friends mentioned Goat Hill Pizza's Monday night event was really good. I mentioned it was in San Francisco Magazines "Top 100 Cheap Eats" issue and had been meaning to go.

    Here's the details as they told me....
    Its an all you can eat salad, bread & pizza for $8. Drinks extra. Apparently it gets crowded so you need to go early or be willing to wait 30 minutes for a table. The salad bar & bread are serve yourself. Waiters walk around with the pizza, offering table-by-table until its gone so the slices are fresh out of the oven. Also the slices are quite small so you get to try a lot of different kinds and Goat Hill is known for having really good, interesting combinations of toppings.

    I had mentioned that since I can (& should) only eat a couple/three slices, getting a large pizza and having it for several meals is a better deal monetarily. But with the fresh, thin slices, Goat Hill would be a better sensory experience.

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    1. 1) Parking is not too bad.

      2) If i remember correctly, you do get all you can
      eat breadsticks and salad.

      3) Waitresses come around from table to table with
      a variety of pizzas, including some unusual ones.
      You let them know if you want a slice or two.

      Given the fact that San Francisco pizza is almost
      always terrible, this place is a pretty good deal.
      You get to try several different kinds and the quality
      is actually so-so. Better thNorth Beach Pizza, Escape
      from NY, Blondies, or Fat Slice.

      If you want the best in S.F., go to Georgio's on
      3rd and Clement.

      My two centavos....

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      1. re: Eric Gafner
        Rochelle McCune

        I never thought about SF quality issues much since I rarely crave pizza but after your "San Francisco pizza is almost always terrible" statement, I realized that my pizza restaurant "Never Go or Order From There Again" list is pretty large.

        We do like Arizmendi and Vicolo both have nice crusts, not too greasy, and interesting, fresh toppings.

        We'll try Georgio's. What makes them your favorite?

        1. re: Rochelle McCune

          Pizza, Pizza, Pizza.

          There is but ONE place I get my slices anymore. 'Za Spot on 11th @ Harrison. Fine for sit-down, but even better at the walk-up window. Their 'shroom is loaded with thinly sliced mushrooms and garlic. Great cheese and sauce. And the dough is just chewy enough, but thorougly cooked and nicely thin; ever-so-slightly charred at the edges; fantastic flavor... in other words, "Perfect".

          I, for one, can't stand the newfangled "pesto pizzas", but my S.O. swears by their "pot-esto" (potato pesto) pie.

          Their artichoke/mushroom/sausage concoction is good, too.

          1. re: Rochelle McCune


            To be fair, I haven't tried Arizmendi or Vicolo.
            They have both been recommended before, so I'll
            have to give them a shot.

            I moved to San Francisco from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
            I love S.F., but miss the pizza in Milwaukee. Even
            better than Chicago IMHO.

            Georgio's has excellent crust, sauce and toppings.
            I guess I would say the most outstanding ingredient
            is the sauce. They are on 3rd and Clement and have
            dine-in and carry out. Do the dine in. It is fun.
            They have the plastic red and white checkered table-
            cloths, and a jukebox full of cheesy 80s pop metal
            hits. Sublime!

        2. I have lived on "the hill" for 15 years. I have always thought that Goat Hill Pizza has the best in The City. I'm anxious to try some of the other places that have been mentioned in other replies. What you have been told in other replies are correct. One caveat that hasn't been mentioned however - if you like any meat on your pizza, (and I do) very few of the pizzas that get passed around on Monday night have any so I find the "all you can eat night a rip-off"! If you order your own pizza (and Goat Hill is not cheap but worth it) this is not a problem.
          By the way, the salad bar that has been mentioned is pretty darned good! Try mixing the blue cheese and Italian dressing together. YUM!