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Jan 14, 2002 01:39 AM

Yak Cheese at Fancy Food Show

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Jonathan White, a much-loved cheesemaker here on the east coast, is setting up some sort of wacky Tibetan tent in the fancy food show this weekend to publicize his yak cheese project (info at If you're going to the show, you'll want to check it out, at booth 4319.

He's offering a cup of tea (butter, I presume) for anyone bearing a Chowhound passport (see link below).



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  1. Cool! We'll be looking for the tent!

    1. can someone give me info on this Fancy Food Show event? Their website doesn't...

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      1. re: diligent

        The show is for the trade. Jan 20-22 at Moscone Center.

        1. re: diligent
          Rochelle McCune

          You have a couple of days to get a job at a sandwich shop and become "trade".


          1. re: Rochelle McCune

            Or become bestest friends with someone who has an extra pass -- that's what I did one year. Try bribing them with offers of a foot massage (this thing is *huge*).

        2. a
          Alexandra Eisler

          Here's an invitation for Hounds to stop by our booth and say hello as well!

          British Consulate-General, Booth 3144, South Hall.