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Jan 14, 2002 01:09 AM

Muffuletta sandwiches in SF???

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Anybody know a good place in the Bay Area to get muffuletta sandwiches??? Had one in New Orleans a while back and have been wanting one again ever since...

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  1. The Francic Coppola restaurant has them on house made rolls. Pretty good. I can't remember the restaurant name, but it is on Columbus and Kearney, in the funny shaped green building with the awning. Worth checking out.

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      R. LaCour Greenberg

      Grew up on them in the Cresent City, but never tried to buy a prepared one here. However, Trader Joe's sells Mufaletta mix(the olive stuff) in jars. It's pretty good. Whith this, a loaf of round sourdough, some salami, proscuto,&provolove,it's possible to make a good one at home.

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        There's a place in Williams, CA, just off I-5, called Granzella's that sells all sorts of olives and olive products, including an excellent muffeletta mix. They also have a sit-down Italian deli-style restaurant that serves pretty good sandwiches, etc.

        You can order their olive products by phone or fax.

        Here's the link: