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Feb 11, 2005 10:22 PM

Lidia's in Pittsburgh?

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Any reviews on Lidia's on Smallman in Pittsburgh? I have heard mixed notices. Looking for something during a visit next weekend.

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  1. I believe Lidia's in Pittsburgh is the chef Lidia on the Food Network Channel who also has Felidia's, Becco and one other one I believe called Esca in New York.

    We ate at Becco which I believe Lidia is part owner of and enjoyed the food. Very authentic Northern Italian if I remember right. I do remember the bread was exceptional.

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    1. re: Donna L.

      Esca isn't a Lidia restaurant--it's Mario Batali and Lidia's kid, Joe Bastianich.

      Back to the PA chow...

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        Had dinner there this week and it puts Olive Garden as a better choice!! The quality of ingredients has gone south, there is no passion with food or service, and the pasta had no flavor. Servers are like zombies and rude host staff. A chain it has turned into full force.

        1. re: rodgerbraniff

          I have been there three times, one of my choice and twice as a guest...Olive garden is much better than this dump..and I hate O.G. the staff is totslly dis-interested, the food is poor, and the prices are way too high.

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            Same for me. OG is the worst restaurant around, but if I'm going to have bland, boring food, it may as well be cheap.

        2. I have been pleased with Lidia's each time I have been there. The pasta tasting is usually a good way to go, the last time I was there the tasting included a mushroom ragout over farfalle which was to die for. I am not a meat eater but I've heard their Ossobucco is top notch. The several seafood dishes I've had at Lidia's have also been very good.

          Nothing hugely innovative here but consistently good food, and excellent service. Be warned - Pgh is not much of a town for late night dining so you may want to check when their last seating is if you are planning on dining after 8 PM

          1. I have tried to like Lidia's, but it comes up short for me every time. Now, my husband eats there often and really loves it.

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              I went to Lidia's for brunch my birthday, and I was impressed. I thought the antipasti table was delicious as well as the pasta trio. It was early and the place was pretty empty but I thought the wait staff was average, not obviously good or bad. I did go for a business dinner and that time I found the food marginally above average. I would go back to try again though....

            2. Lidia's constantly gets mixed reviews on this board. I've been there for brunch 6 or 7 times and every time I thought it was very good to excellent. The antipasti table is always excellent and I usually get the pasta trio. Sometimes there's one miss of the three, but I've never ever thought I'd rather be at Olive Garden! The dessert table is always good and it's the best tiramisu I've had in the city. I agree with the average wait staff that katjo mentioned.

              I've never been there for lunch or dinner so maybe they excel at brunch?