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Jan 13, 2002 11:58 PM

Home (used to be JohnFrank)

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I am new to the board and wanted to let you guys know I had a lovely dinner with friends at HOME, the new restaurant which still has John Frank written on your bill at the end of the night =)

We began our dinner with three appetizers: a marinated beet and fingerling potato salad, vegetable fritters and a side of macaroni & cheese. The salad was nice and simple, the fritters were very tasty and came with a lemon aioli and the mac.& cheese was creamy, but had too much butter and not enough of the cheese I thought.

For our entrees, we ordered a rock shrimp and saffron risotto which had the perfect amount of shrimp stirred into the risotto. We had the lamb which was very tender atop creamy polenta with spiced mint jelly. The ceasar salad was wonderful -- not too much garlic but just enough creaminess to coat the romaine leaves on the plate.

Dessert was an apple "pot pie" with ice cream...kinda like apple pie a la mode. It was delicious but could have had more apples.

All in all, this place has great "comfort" food at very reasonable prices. Service is slow, but perhaps will improve as time goes on since this was their first weekend.

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  1. Welcome!

    We were all curious about this new incarnation of JohnFrank (there's been a bit of a buzz on this board recently about Home) and your timely and well written post definitely hit the spot.

    Could you tell us about the prices? I'm wondering how much they scaled back in making the transition.

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      The prices at HOME are very reasonable. They have daily specials that are no more than $12. Appetizers are about $6 and less, entrees are anywhere from $6 to $12. A neiman ranch pork chop entree was about $10 I recall. A great deal! I was very surprised with the prices and nothing was over $12. A wonderful deal for the tasty food they serve.

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      Rochelle McCune

      Welcome to the board. Thanks for the write up.

      We walked by Home & checked out their menu on Saturday morning. The prices seemed pretty reasonable and there were a number of interesting things on the menu - it kinda reminded me of Chow. Anyway, since its in our neighborhood, I'm sure we'll be trying it soon.